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A small school in the Adirondacks has many pros but also has its cons. It is a very inclusive school and also very sheltering which is helpful at times but can be controlling. There is a lot of community involvement in the school and many of the school projects are funded by the very supportive community. Being located in the outdoors, students are often able to go outside and experience many outdoor areas that some people may never get to see.
Keene Central School has always been a positive, supporting, and encouraging school with teachers that are invested in the success of their students. From the first time you walk into the doors of KCS, you always feel welcome and know that people are there to help you thrive. Class sizes are small, allowing for students to become familiar with their teachers and develop a cordial teacher-student relationship.
Although the small class sizes help students become familiar with their teachers and fellow students, it also causes students to be stretched thin. For example, a single student may be involved in several clubs, orginizations, fundraisers, and after school activities that overalap and are all demanding. Fundraisers often overlap, causing the immediate community to constantly be asked for donations. I would like to see these two issues changed.
Keene Central School is a very small and caring school that is at the heart of a very giving community. Although limited by athletics, in terms of what is offered, many of the students excel academically.
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I am currently a senior at Keene Central School. I would not have wanted to grow up in any other community. All the students know each other and are kind to one another. The teachers are very helpful and are supportive with student's lives in and outside of the school atmosphere.
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