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Kearsley Community School District Reviews

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Caring teachers and staff. Diverse population of students. My students are challenged. Just an overall excellent school district.
While Attending Kearsley high school, i found that they have extraordinary teachers who give you the most potential.
The teachers are very friendly and willing to work with your needs and the amount of bullying that goes on is close to none. Because it's a smaller district, it's fairly tight-knit and overall a great district. Although there are few opportunities for the honors students, such as a limited bunch of AP and honors classes, there is an option to take specific AP courses online. The school is very safe and has recently been remodeled so there is only one entrance and constant monitoring by security guards.
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Kearsley is a great high school. The people are nice and there are tons of activities to do. They have band, choir, art, and more. They also have economics and political science.
As a student at Kearsley for my entire schooling career, like many other schools there was a strong sense of community. Towards the end of my high school career it was a district made up of a very diverse group of students. Most would agree that the district made opportunities for students where they could although we were not provided with the same opportunities other districts were provided with.
I created lifelong friendships through Kearsley Community Schools and for that I will forever be grateful and proud to be a Kearsley Alumni. We may not have been the best at sports but the class of 2018, my class, felt like a family that I'm happy to have been part of. Go Hornets!
Kearsley is one of the best schools around. There’s some of the best teachers and students here. No matter the jokes told by students, good old K-Town will always be our home.
Kearsley is an average high school. I think that some of the teachers and administrators should be more professional for being example to the students, though.
The teachers at Kearsley are fabulous. Mr. Rob Markwardt makes any era of history exciting. Mr. Darrick Puffer, who is sadly retiring, has been a fabulous mentor to me as I have taken his journalism class. Mr. Chris Torok gives advanced math lessons an intensity that is rarely seen but always appreciated. This school may be aged and in an area that has seen better days economically, but the spirit of the staff and students makes up for this.
The teachers are absolutely amazing. They care about their classes, and they have an incredible passion for the students. The academics are alright, and the schools nothing fancy, but thr people involved more than make up for that.
I really enjoyed the teachers. However the facilities are extremely old and not well taken care of, except for the science wing.
I loved how involved the staff was with students. Everyone was more than willing to help students one on one.
I am a former alum for Kearsley Community schools. I had a mostly pleasant experience. The district is full of outstanding educators that try to meet the needs of students and incorporate real world situations into their lessons. The school is a clean facility that has the proper equipment in order to educate children. For the most part, the students are kind and try to help one another to succeed. The athletic programs vary in success, but overall good sportsmanship throughout the district.
Kearsley was a good experience. High school was pretty good with a average sized graduating class of 300 students.
I loved it, all of the teachers were professional and would go out of their way to ensure you did well in the class. The bowling team was outstanding as i was apart of it, and so are the other sports
Whenever I walked into Kearsley, I felt like i had another family. The whole school was a family. We all looked out for each other. We were all friends. If something terrible happened to one of us we were there for each other. Just like a family should be. I ran track and field and that was also another family. If one of us was hurt we were there for each other. There was always someone rooting for you on the side lines to keep pushing and don't give up. The whole team supported each other. In every aspect Kearsley is and will forever be a family to me. I could never not count of them during my high school career. I know i will have that family for the rest of my life.
I recently joined the Kearsley school district this year. All that comes to mind is WOW! This school is really great. From having all sorts of different elective classes to having different levels of difficulty classes, such as applied, regular, honors, and advanced placement. Students have the opportunity to gain so many college credits here. The staff works hard and well at what they do for students. Students really learn well here. Kearsley has many clubs and organizations to incorporate students outside of school as well as sports teams. Kearsley has many sports that students to participate it. They food is even good, and that is saying alot for school food. It may be small community, but with this school, the school has a big heart in the community.
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Education for Kearsley School District is not terrible, but it could improve. I would like to see more money poured into the schoolgrounds.
kearsley is an amazing school! The teachers are wonderful and caring. i had a great four years there.
I have had a pleasant experience at Kearsley Community School District. I have advanced my knowledge and been offered lots of opportunities.
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