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The teachers are good. Some teachers feel that because they are ten year'd that dont have to teach. The district administrators don't care about the students and all they worry about is the PARCC. The schools are falling apart and are overcrowded.
The teachers and staff are phenomenal; however, the schools themselves could be more equipped. I have had quite a few problems throughout my years in the Kearny School District, yet, these encounters have not discouraged me or diminished my faith in the ability of the schools. The faculty go above and beyond for their students' and their education. These people care so much for each individual student as well as only wish the best for them. These teachers really change their students' lives and perspectives on things while maturing them through the years.
I like how the school has given us chromebooks for school. They are well organized when hosting events and school plays. They have given me many opportunities to further my education. The teachers are very kind and will always help you with whatever you need help with. Kearny schools have many school fairs that can help you with your education . Your conselours help you with your senior year. I believe they doa better job then half the consoluors in Hudson County. Kearny has an abundance of opportunities in school and out of school. For example, My teacher will help me with the material i didnt undrstand in class. He would stay with me until 4:30 until i understood it. Kearny School district partners with YSBSSP. THey help you find places to volunteer at and they have many trips to schools. It is also a way for you to spend time after school. They host gmes days during the week and they hep you strengthen your resume for colleges.
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The teachers were very helpful and concerned with the student’s academic preparation, however the school conditions weren’t the best. For instance, there was a lot of construction going on, trailers, etc.
I liked the curriculum. I did not like some of the teachers as many of them were racist or difficult to deal with.
I was a lifetime student of the kearny district. Roosevelt school was explemary, however kearny high fella l short.
I would have liked if the safety conditions were better and if there wasn’t so much construction going on.
My son was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the school principal, teachers, office, security and counselors were 100% helpful during our trying time. I would recommend this school and the location.
Kearny High school is extremely diverse, meaning you will hear and experience many different type of languages. The teachers of Kearny High school are also very friendly and involve themselves into your life.
When I was a student in the Kearny School District I enjoyed the diversity of the students and teachers. Academically they were like many other school, but offered more AP classes. What I didn't like about my experience was the construction around the school and that some of the teachers were playing favorites.
What I enjoyed about the Kearny school district is how confortable students feel. I was always ready to learn in a welcoming environment. College readiness is one thing that can be inproved by the school system.
I've been in the Kearny school district and it has always been great. Even changing to high school everywhere it made you feel at home. All the teachers treated you like family. I LOVE the Kearny school district and my children will attend as well.
Kearny was okay. The facilities are not good but the teachers are great and i really learned throughout my years there. The sports teams are also the best in the county.
Kearny School District needs a lot of big changes, from better teachers to more organization in the high school.
My experience with Kearny schools was good. I was an ESL student and I found their ESL program to be very good. Overall they helped me a lot with learning English.
I can assure that Kearny High School has excellent courses to offer students ranging from art clases to dental assisting clases. The only difficulty for students is concentration during class hours because of the construction around the school.
Kearny High School is experiencing a lot of changes. Construction that has been active for almost a decade is finally making some progress and the curriculum is also getting an upgrade too. KHS has successfully added a handful of more Advanced Placement classes into the curriculum and wants to add more diverse classes as well. There are only a few clubs due to lack of advising volunteers, but sports are booming. We are known as a very athletic school and we continue to perform. Our school is very diverse and that is something that is very apparent as you walk through the main doors.
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I had a very pleasant experience during my high school career at KHS. I received a lot of support from my teachers when times were difficult and they are very willing to help you as much as they can.
I've been in the Kearny School District since kindergarten. It's a very small town district where most kids grow up knowing each other from a young age. Most faculty are kind and friendly. As a high school student in my last year, I can say I enjoyed my schooling experience.
I like how nice the people are, but the bathrooms need to be fixed. The education isn't too bad, but could be more beneficial and less stressful for the students. I enjoy the fact that they offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks. However, I don't usually take up these offers. I also like the stores, restaurants, and places around my school.
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