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Kearney R-I School District Reviews

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Kearney is no diverse and extremely homophobic and racist. In certain ways its better academically, and most teachers do not support homophobia and racism. But some don't do anything because we are a mostly white, christian school.
Kearney has a great educational program, but some teachers’ priorities are off. They care more about if you check your phone than if you are understanding the content or mentally and emotionally OK. However, there are teachers that do a phenomenal job explaining things in different ways so that no student is left behind, and they take notice when a student’s mood seems to be off. The students are very clique-y and new friends can be hard to make. The teachers also tend to favor the “popular” students in class, and cheating is quite common among them. Another thing the district could improve upon is hiring more teachers of different ethnicities, which would hopefully invite more diversity into the town and school district. Kearney has done a great job improving technology and expanding the schools, but it would be nice for students to get their own laptops or iPads, since many do not have access to them at home and much of the schoolwork is done online.
I enjoyed my teachers, they treated more than just a number, they treated you like a person. Our coaches care about their athletes and their athletes about their coaches. A family atmosphere In the High School
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I believe that in order for a school to actually teach and treat all of its students well that the school needs to have an excellent support system. Kearney high school is a very expansive an lively place, but that is only because our amazing administrators and counselors. I have had first hand experience both speaking with and workin with both of them. All of my experiences here have been wonderful. I have had many issues of my on, but this school has always been a very safe and fun environment for me and my friends I believe all who study here will do great things in the future. Once you find your purpose you can chase it with all you have, thanks to Kearney high school and all of its wonderful staff and students, I can add both a healthy disposition and good education to the things I have in my arsenal. I can’t wait to make my dreams come true.
Kearney has always tried to improve their experience for students. But the school district includes many restrictions on activities that are suppose to be fun for their students. While other schools may be allowed to have an outstanding amount of spirit, through student council I have realized just how many restrictions we have on our yearly events. I believe this stunts student participation in school spirit. Due to this, I rated my school district a 3/5.
My kids have had some amazing opportunities through the Kearney school district. There are dual enrollment courses offered at the high school level, AP courses, an amazing new science center and teachers that are phenomenal. I have not met one single teacher in this district that doesn't truly want the very best for every kid they teach. They go out of their way to offer help when needed. Sports, especially football, are staples in not only the school, but the community as well. They recently renovated the football stadium and built a brand new gym onto the high school. The diversity is somewhat lacking, as it is in a small predominantly white community.
The Kearney school district is very good overall. The state of the school is very platonic though. It is very hard to achieve change in teachers or policies.
Kearney is small and you get to know your classmates very quickly. Kearney also have a lot of resources that kids can chose their own path, but Kearney doesn’t have a lot of clubs or space to improve. Kearney also is run by popular people and the staff allow it to happen. The school is scared of conflict, and instead of punishing the one at fault they would rather punish both. Regardless of who started it or who was involved.
I love KSD because it always has a close family feel. I've felt safe and having an abundance of friends always helped me throughout school.
Great teachers and supportive community. Teachers care about the students and provide the tools to find success after graduation, wether it was continued education or entering the work force. Just far enough outside of Kansas City metro that it feels like a small town.
I transfer to Kearney High School my senior year. They did a good job of making me feel welcomed. The counselors helped me prepared my schedule to make sure I graduate when I wanted. The teachers care about the students.
My experience at Kearney R-I School District has been pretty good! The staff and students are all really friendly here, and you can always find a place to belong.
small Midwest school, most teachers have 10year and dont try anymore but the ones who do try are some of the best teachers in the country
Kearney High School is a very happy and inviting environment. The teachers truly want to be there, and make learning enjoyable. There are many opportunities for all high schoolers, as we have many clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. One thing that could improve is education about sexual assault, harrassment, and consent. Teachers also lack basic supplies like new textbooks, or even such things as pencils, which they are required to buy with their small salaries.
I’ve been in the Kearney school district since kindergarten. I’ve gone to two of the elementary schools, the middle school, junior high school, and now I’m in the last year at Kearney High School. I’ve always had a positive experience in the Kearney School District. Our school does a lot for our community which I enjoy very much.
I enjoy going to Kearney High School. I will always be blessed to say I attended a very supportive school with an amazing community. The community is always pushing for improvements in the school district, which helped us update our facilities. Once a bulldog always a bulldog.
very excellent school to attend, the community is wonderful supporters of the students and sports teams
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Teachers were great and they actually cared about their students. I played softball in highs school and the school really does care about their sports. Some may argue that they care too much about sports than they do academics, but if that was the case they wouldn't excel is test scores. Once a bulldog always a bulldog.
While I enjoyed my time in high school, the overall experience was not enriching. The lack of diversity made it a terribly bland time that caused a lack of empathy among students.
Kearney is very small and cliquish. I went there for most of my school career and I never truly felt like I belonged. The staff likes to favor athletes. If you don’t play football or a sport you are basically a nobody to most people. The school does not take bullying seriously and many of the students who are reprimanded for their action or disciplined is because of a small misdemeanor action. The school focuses more on sports than they do on their education. Most teachers are only at kearney to coach and do not care much about actually teaching.
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