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Kearney R-I School District Reviews

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I’ve been in the Kearney school district since kindergarten. I’ve gone to two of the elementary schools, the middle school, junior high school, and now I’m in the last year at Kearney High School. I’ve always had a positive experience in the Kearney School District. Our school does a lot for our community which I enjoy very much.
I enjoy going to Kearney High School. I will always be blessed to say I attended a very supportive school with an amazing community. The community is always pushing for improvements in the school district, which helped us update our facilities. Once a bulldog always a bulldog.
very excellent school to attend, the community is wonderful supporters of the students and sports teams
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Teachers were great and they actually cared about their students. I played softball in highs school and the school really does care about their sports. Some may argue that they care too much about sports than they do academics, but if that was the case they wouldn't excel is test scores. Once a bulldog always a bulldog.
While I enjoyed my time in high school, the overall experience was not enriching. The lack of diversity made it a terribly bland time that caused a lack of empathy among students.
Kearney is very small and cliquish. I went there for most of my school career and I never truly felt like I belonged. The staff likes to favor athletes. If you don’t play football or a sport you are basically a nobody to most people. The school does not take bullying seriously and many of the students who are reprimanded for their action or disciplined is because of a small misdemeanor action. The school focuses more on sports than they do on their education. Most teachers are only at kearney to coach and do not care much about actually teaching.
I have been with the Kearney r-1 school district for the entirety of my life and have enjoyed almost every minute of it. The teachers that I have encounter have all been encouraging and supportive of all their students with only a couple of exceptions. The administrative branch of the Kearney school district has also been historically fair, but not without their flaws. The programs at the school district is also good in general. The weakest link would have to be the English sector who did not prepare me for the English section of the ACT in a proper way. Also some programs such as computer sciences are nearly nonexistent. There are many additions being made to the high school at the time of this review and these changes appear to be nothing but encouraging for the future of the district as well. All in all The Kearney school district is a wonderful place to have your kid go if you're looking for a good all encompassing education.
I have been going to school in the Kearney District since I was in Kindergarten. The diversity here is great. I have met a lot of friends during my time in Kearney schools. I would encourage others to come to Kearney if they are looking for a good-sized town with amazing schools for all ages of children. GO BULLDOGS!
The thing I liked most about the Kearney School District was that the staff genuinely cared about my success. They would do everything in their power to help me achieve the goals I have set for myself. The teachers, counselors, and administration all cared for me as an individual, which made coming to school easier as a student.
The school is fine. Small compared to the other ones in the area. The faculty is good and helpful. there are actually a lot of teachers retiring this year so we'll be getting some new ones soon.
I was very active in HS and excelled in my classes. I was not overly challenged by the teachers. There was virtually no diversity present. I feel as though I was somewhat ready for college, but they could have done a better job. I felt safe at all times while in school. The administration let the community and the parents who complain run EVERYTHING!
Great community surrounding the school, sports are a large focus for the town. Easy classes are easy (almost have to try to fail), and hard classes are hard. Most impressed by community support for the school and the school district.
I Like that it is very active with its community and has a great way of including everyone in its school district. However, there are some ways it can be perfected and things we can improve on. We can start by doing more community service and picking up garbage around the schools to make it appear as a cleaner and nicer school environment. We could also do most of the construction during summer time that way construction noises and sounds won't affect the student's learning ability while in class.
My experience in the Kearney School District has been pretty good. I moved to Kearney when I was in 3rd grade. I have made many friends and participated in multiple activities. I have always been a person who likes to learn new things and Kearney High School tries really hard to help their students and push them to achieve their goals. This year the district implemented a new student teaching internship program and that is helping me learn/train to become an elementary school teacher. Without this program, I wouldn't have found my path. With the help of the teachers and other faculty in the Kearney School District, they are giving opportunities to students to better themselves, not just with the teaching program, but with other programs they have implemented. As I graduate and start a new path, I will always look back at the teachers, friends, counselors and coaches who have impacted my life.
The changes I would like to see are actually approved for funding. The things I wanted to see change were improvements to the STEM education. The middle-high schools are all getting new/improved computer labs and the high school is getting a greenhouse and new classrooms for science classes
I went to Kearney Highschool and I really liked it there. It was a small school but that made it nice beacuse I got to know everyone in my class. the atmosphere of the school was great and the teachers always seemed interested in our lives and cared about preparing us for college.
The Kearney R-1 School District offers the Northland CAPS and Project Lead the Way programs for students interested in health, medical, technology, and business professions. The district partners with a few other districts in the Kansas City metro area to offer this program to its students. This program is unique, and gives students first hand experience with their future career choices.
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If a student takes classes to prepare for college, then they will be prepared. However, there is opportunity for people to slack and take easy classes getting the same diploma through a much easier path than what I took.
I had wonderful teachers all throughout my high school experience. I felt as though they genuinely cared about me and took the time to actually read through papers and give fair grades.
Kearney is a small town district with highly skilled teachers. Students are challenged and given many opportunities.
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