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I liked the atmosphere most days. I really enjoyed watching the arts and sports. I loved being apart of the athletics as a player but also as a fan. As a previous student, I wish I was better prepared for college.
At Kearney High, it is very hard to find a teacher or coach that does not care about you. No one will absolutely admit they like school but I always knew that school was a safe place for me and I did not have to worry about getting bullied throughout the course of my education.
KPS is interested in helping students succeed and keeping families involved. There are many teams and clubs for students to participate in in various ways From athletes to team managers or from actors to lighting crews, students can become engaged, and parents are always invited to volunteer.
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The experience of going through the Kearney Public Schools system was average at best. The school system is worried about the collective and no the individual. In some cases this is good, but in terms of schooling, it is unfair to be looked at like a number. Other than the single minded ways, the teacher and activities have helped me become an educated student.
The school has its faults, but the curriculum is very good and the students are friendly for the most part. The counselors are very helpful especially for secondary learning.
The staff at KPS is fantastic! They are supportive, caring, and passionate. The teachers challenge their students to do the best that they can every single day.
My overall experience with Kearney Public Schools has been very positive. Academically the school system is excellent and continually provides educational motivation and support. The only changes would be involved with the administration's understanding of the student body.
As a highschooler, I feel like we have fewer freedoms in school than ever before and makes it difficult to get things done. However, the education here is great
Haven't had any issues with KPS. The staff has been amazing. And any issues that have been addressed was fixed. Only thing I'm not happy with is the food.
I liked the amount of opportunity offered at Kearney Public Schools. I changed schools in 7th grade because Kearney offered so much more than my small town. In Kearney I was able to take college level courses, participates in all kinds of extra curricular activities, be apart of sports teams, and be put in leadership roles. It has let me explore the area I wish to pursue as a career and has taught me life skills that will push me forward in the world.
Kearney High School offers a unique experience in its academic and extracurricular activities. Regarding academics, KHS offers a program of Small Learning Communities (SLC). This is a system of branches in the job market, for example: health care sciences & education, business, fine & performing arts, agriculture, food, & natural resources, and skilled & technical sciences. Classes in the school are grouped into these SLCs based on their relevance to the field of study. A good and a bad quality about these are that while some students thrive with this opportunity to pursue fields of interest, those who don't have a sense of career direction feel pressured. So many positive things can be said about the extracurriculars at KHS. In the arts, students thrive and receive many awards for performance. In the athletics, every team competes at the top level in Class A. This helps to make KHS a more enjoyable place to attend and receive an education.
I was fully prepared to attend a top-25 university upon graduation by the passionate educators at KPS. There is strong engagement in all aspects of the district, ranging from the school board to first-year teachers. I truly valued my experience in the KPS district.
Attended K-12. Great school experience. Politics are present just like every other school but received a great education from teachers who care
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