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Keansburg School District Reviews

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The Keansburg School District is just about an average rated school if not a little more. The school has great technology for example chrome books and mac books for the students to use. As well as computers in school to use for research and school work. The staff and teacher in the schools are always trying to help the students out. We also are working on the rights for lgbtq students, with that clubs and after school activities like sports are always offered to students that meet requirement. But where the school falls short is funding, my reasoning to this is the school will give certain sports team hire funds by what they find more valuable. Also the art and music classes at the school are struggling as we don't have the resources to get the materials needed. But that has stop to students from creating good work. Overall the district is fairly decent for the amount of students and classes offered.
When it comes to keansburg I like that the school is not only a learning environment but an enviormemt where all can feel safe and comfortable.
I believe that the school should try and expand on text book work or hands on work than using computers. My reason for this is because with the freedom of using computers I believe we get distracted to easily. With being able to use them not for every class, I believe it will improve our learning.
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So far in Keansburg school district my overall experience has been adequate. I have nothing bad to say I have had amazing teachers and friends. Whenever I struggled I always had someone to turn to for help to try and improve myself. The only bad experience I have had in keansburg is that the classes are not the best, we could have higher educated classes and more choices, but I believe that this is going to change shortly.
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