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Kaukauna Area School District Reviews

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Overall, Kaukauna is a great school district with many well-rounded students. Teachers do their best to answer students' questions about school and their futures, and classes and clubs help students plan for their academic futures.
I love Kaukauna Highschool. I have been in the Kaukauna area school district all my life and I found it very satisfying. The teachers are so nice and helpful. The counselors cheer me up when I'm having a bad day and the faulty is set up nicely. I love the new light system they put in and the new sporting facility. Our principal is so nice and he always says hi to me every day and checks up on me. The library has a good selection of books and has some nice comfy seats with footrests. They have the National Honors Society and the tutors were so helpful and I can understand what I'm doing on my homework because they help me.
I like the Kaukauna Area School District over the past couple years there has been major changes to the high school involving adding tons of new facilities for the students to use. We have an awesome wrestling team, our homecoming football games are very school spirited. Overall my time here has been awesome.
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As I high schooler, I did not like it there all that much. I thought going to any other school would have been better. Only after going away to college and graduating, did I realize that I "had it good," in Kaukauna. Looking back, it was a safe environment, with caring teacher's, and plenty of opportunities to get involved. It just has the typical high school drama and issues.
I really like my school and all the staff that work there. The schedules are organized in a logical order and there are lots of classes you can pick to enroll in. The people in my school are awesome, and the staff is all understanding and friendly. The only things I would change about my school are the temperature and advanced class rules. It is always really cold during the school day, so it is distracting when learning. I also think that for people who are in advanced classes, that their grade should be curved so their GPA is now lowered. People in non-advanced classes at our school are sometimes getting 4.0s and people in advanced classes are getting lower GPAs just because heir classes are harder. Overall, my experience at Kaukauna High School is very good.
kauakuna high school has had strived to become a better diverse school over th years. overall the administration is quite helpful however the school is very biased and judgemental. within the close knit community often your last name holds more relevance than your own personal conduct. certain stundent familys are granted diffrent treatment unfairly because of the family history in the city.
Most teachers are fantastic! but there are a select few that some people really struggle with and some who really should retire. There is a good selection of extracurricular activities. The parking lot could be redone and they could probably plow the snow a little better.
The Kaukauna Area School District is good at getting students involved in extra-curricular activities. The amount of opportunities the school offers K-12 is very broad. There is always a feeling of positive energy in the halls and classrooms. The one reason as to why I did not give the school district five stars is, the school administration/teachers pick favorite students. yes, teacher's can have favorites, that is a known fact by students, but this makes others feel inadequate or "unpopular" in the eyes of not only other students but staff as well.
I have attended the Kaukauna Area School District all my life and have had an almost perfect experience. One thing I wish to change with the district is the variety of clubs as well as the amount of encouragement to become involved. I was unaware of the majority of clubs within my school. Another thing I would like to see improve is the diversity. Being asian, I was restricted the amount of variety of races.
I loved the teachers here at Kaukauna Highschool. They are very easy to talk to and always help you if you need it. Even if you don’t have a certain teacher, you can always go and ask them for help and they will help you.
Love the staff & how they work with the kids. All the kids know they are cared about as individuals. The teachers really take the time to let the kids know they are appreciated.
The school is great for meeting new people and getting involved. I personally loved the choir classes are art opportunities that were presented to me, and will probably go back in the future to help out. The only things I can see is some of the teachers seem to care less about their students and seem to only be in it for the money. I do love many of the teachers at this school.
I thought Kaukauna School District was great. The teachers work with you to help you improve, if you are struggling. There are many activities that you can get involved with. I'm proud to say that I went to Kaukauna.
Kaukauna school district is a very great school that offers a lot of options in every catergory- whether it's arts or sports. It is a smaller district, and everyone is very friendly with each other
I have loved the past four years at Kaukauna! So many wonderful memories , and friends were made during my high school career.
As a graduating senior, I would have to say that my experiences at Kaukauna Area School District have been relatively positive. As a small Wisconsin town, it would seem like we would blend into the background as just another small town school district full of close-minded students and teachers. However, Kaukauna has proven to be so much more than that. The students in all six Kaukauna schools have formed a large family, branded by our former principal as “Kaukauna Strong”. In light of our previous history surrounding drug abuse and suicides within our schools, we have been able to bounce back as positive and optimistic as ever. However, this sudden drive for success brings forth a new set of issues. While the profit-making programs, such as high school sports, continue to get endless funding; less popular activities are left behind. If I could change one thing about my school district, I would place a larger emphasis on the importance of not only sports but also drama and music.
Kaukauna is working on making their learning environment safe and educational for every type of student. They're doing a great job.
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Kaukauna High School has a great atmosphere and is a friendly place to get an education. However, they do not offer a lot of variety in classes and the quality of education is not as high as I would like to see. Overall, it is a good school.
I liked the direction that things were heading, but they didn't start to change until my senior year. I was tired of all the politics overrunning all the good in the school. I felt we lacked educational funding that was instead put towards athletics. There was even funding cut from educational areas and the fine arts to help fund a sports complex.
My time at Kaukauna High School has been one filled with involvement and pleasant grades, but also of stress and difficulty. The plethora of clubs and sports throughout the student body allows for more friendships and connections with the students. The classes have always included partnerships and the teachers picking the pairs, so students are then forced to get to know new people and work collaboratively with them. While Kaukauna High School permeates the notion of a successful and cooperative school, there is a specific part of the school that I would enjoy seeing a change in. My concern is the idea of a weighted GPA system due to the ability for students to take easy classes and receive a 4.0 while other students challenge themselves in rigorous coursework but still achieve only a 4.0. A weighted GPA system would allow the ambitious and hardworking students to stand out from those who choose the easy work throughout high school.
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