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Kaufman Independent School District Reviews

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The school is adequate in receiving general education. It is has since improved since I have left and it has promise in becoming a better school than before.
Its a great school district. The teachers really care about the well being of the students. All the staff at the early childhood school is great and I can tell they really love what they do and are there for the children.
I believe the student body has a strong voice when united together, and the administration really takes our opinions into consideration. Although, I would like to see more change in the foundational safety of the school (I.e. tornado/bullet proof windows)
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What I like about Kaufman ISD would be that they offer students the chance to start their college education in high school. It gives students a greater oppressive to succeed and room for them to grow. It also, allows for lower income students the chance to take their basics of college at a lower price rate for each class. I would like to see a change in some teachers in the school that just really don’t have their heart set on teaching and only hold some students back who need the most encouragement.
Kaufman is growing and the schools are committed to making sure everyone gets a great education that is equal for all students and is inclusive of everyone no matter your background
Out of all my 4 years of attending Kaufman high school id have to say I enjoyed most of it. My first year of attending this school everyone was welcoming and helpful. All the teachers at this school go above and beyond to help all the students. One of the few downsides to this school is that the education level between the on level classes and the advanced courses is to great. Just because not everyone has the same work ethic and motivation to better themselves in school is no excuse to allow them to slack. For the most part it is a lovely school.
The school is very good for a small town. Extracurricular activities have a phenomenal reputation, and the school is very supportive of all activities; ranging from UIL Academics, to band to sports. No one activity is favored over the other, which is very amazing, because you feel your importance. The teachers are good, some take their job very seriously and teach you so much. While others will do the bare minimum. The food isn't the best, but it's edible and they have snack lines. The new Kaufman High School will be finished December of 2017. But from what is finished now it is so beautiful. Overall, Kaufman is a great district.
A great school district that provided me with vital information that prepared me for college. Awesome community with great participation with students.
After being a student at Kaufman ISD for so many years, I believe we have the best schools in Texas. The staff and faculty do a great job of creating a fun and learning environment. The only thing they lack is preparing their students for college.
Very big district in a small community. It's very well connected as far as staff and administrators. The teaching side of the district is too focused on the testing rather than the content of the class subject.
Through my years of going through the KISD learning program, I noticed a trend of academic laziness both by students and teachers. There was no drive by the teachers to really make an impact on the student body. It was just about making deadlines and getting students to pass knowing just enough.
That was the case for many semesters until my senior year, where I had the two most influential teachers both academically and inspirationally. They deviated from the lesson plan if they deemed it necessary to get across the lesson at hand. It was clear they had the student's best interest in mind as they even went as far to give life advice every other Monday in class, nothing to in detail but just a few lines from text or sharing a few personal experiences. It was these teachers that made the KISD program a bittersweet one to leave. Overall I enjoyed my experience in Kaufman High School.
I had a great time during my years at Kaufman ISD! The teachers were willing to help and prepared me for college. Principals stood by our side and were extremely helpful with anything, and our lovely superintendent supported each and every student who walked through those doors. I've never heard about school district whose staff cares as much about their children as Kaufman ISD does!
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