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I have had a pleasurable experience as a student in Katy ISD. All students are committed to learning.
Both my kids have been in Katy ISD for almost 9 years. They have experienced a smooth transition to both an new elementary and junior high during these years. The suggestion I have is that there needs to be a middle core class in high school somewhere between Academic and Pre-AP. In Junior High there was only a slight difference between the two but Senior High is a major difference.
overall Katy ISD is a very diverse and inclusive school district. The education standards are high, which pushes students to want to achieve more. The environment is very learning friendly and the teachers take their time to focus on each individual. The teachers build a professional and friendly relationship with the students which helps the students to be more successful. As a student at Katy ISD, I can truly say that students are held to a high standard which causes them to strive and be more successful. I wouldn't choose any other school district to go to if I had the chance.
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Being in this school district was a great experience, and I say this because you are always surrounded by smart and ethically aware students of the community. If you want to go to a school district where you feel safe and important go to Katy ISD. I went to Tomkins and it was the best high school experience you can possibly get.
It is highly active in social activities like clubs, sports, and arts as well as in education. The teachers encourage the students to interact in class. The enviroment is welcoming and accepting.
KISD is one of the best districts in Houston, they created a safe and positive learning environment and I enjoyed going to KISD all 12 years of school. It varies from school to school, but overall the district is great with support and communication.
Don't get me wrong or be mislead by my score. I am scoring from my experience. Katy is trying but they do lack in engaging their students and their parents when it comes to classroom academics. Only if the student displays out of the ordinary behavior does one child get attention and not in a positive way. There should be better choices or other options to involve students in order to get them to focus on class work.
Katy's main priority is the academic readiness for its' students. I have always felt as though my education and success was valued by my teachers, coaches, and even my friends. The environment and competitive spirit within my high school showed me that achieving academically was a necessity. Katy's district has shaped me into the student I am and has led me on a path of good habits as well as good grades. My teachers have always been invested in me achieving my goals. My soccer coach has played an important role in my Katy High school experience. She has poured into me for 4 years not only as a coach but a person. She always has made sure I have remained humble and given back to the community that has done so much for me. If there was ever a time that I was struggling with anything she was the first person to talk it out with me. The emphasis on community and tradition has made my high school experience unforgettable and I will always cherish Katy, Texas.
great opportunities, schools are amazing. but they overwork the students like crazy. way too strict, way too much work in such little time. also awful about giving a heads up when it comes to canceling school. they made school 5 minutes longer for absolutely no reason a couple years ago.
Katy independent school district was very outstanding there are many good thing I can say. The faculty is great and very helpful and the community is very awesome I would definitely recommend the district to anyone looking for a new place to attend school
It's good as it is right now, but maybe fund sports more than they already do. The food is awful though.
Really nice area, love the people who attend any katyisd school. One thing I would change is the bullying. Not many teachers stop this and kids usually don’t do good in school
Katy independent school district is great . i would love to see more parent involvement and school spirit . there a lot of diversity and learning is easy.
The school district is continually expanding east. The dividing line between Houston & Katy seems to grow narrower & narrower every year. The cost of living has increased greatly too
great environment for young teens and children, best teachers in the nation and best coaches for the athletes
They were really involved in my growth.They pushed us to grow as students and because of that we were able to see a lot of success in our interests.
Katy ISD is One if the best school districts in Texas. Having state of the art facilities and quality teachers.
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I went to Katy High School from my Sophmore to my Senior year. I absolutly loved it. There’s so much school spirit, everyone loves going to the football games. Even the teachers are into showing as much school spirit as they can. All the coaches and staff really work to help you and give you the tools you need to move on to the next phase of your life, whether that be college, the military, or the work force. I met a whole group of friends and family that I still have and will treasure forever. Katyisd really puts the students in front of everything.
I like that KISD tries to make lessons fun for students. What I would like to see change especially at my school, and in Katy Independent School District in general,is diversity in classrooms.
Katyisd is a good district which pushes the students including me to work hard and be prepared for college.
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