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I attend high school at Tompkins HS and take AP classes. So far my experience has been pleasant and I enjoyed my teachers and classes. The school itself is newer and kept clean which is nice.
I would like to see better support for the teachers. They need higher pay for what they do. I have seen many of my favorite teaches stop teaching because they were not provided with a living wage. Besides these teachers deserve more than the bare minimum. They are the one that are teaching the next generation and should be treated as such. they are responsible for shaping the lives of hundreds of students and that should merit a higher salary. By both being provided with more pay and resources teachers could do a far better job of this. Too often have we not been able to do a lesson or activity because the school did not have the funds to provide my teachers with adequate resources.
This school district really set the students up for the college level academics. I'm grateful I was able to attend a few different schools in this district before going to college.
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I like the fact that it has plenty of clubs and extracurricular activities and that they are really dedicated on sports. They are equipped with what we need. Although I would like to see more involvement of the teachers and to try more and for students to be more respectful will the teachers.
My experience in Katy ISD was very interesting. It had its ups and its downs. My freshmen year was definitely my best year. I had amazing teachers that were both fun and good at teaching. In fact my English teacher that year got me into reading more. My sophomore and junior year were different. They started out bad ,since I took too many AP classes than I could handle, but as the year went on, it got better. My grades would get better, swim season would start, and I was having a good time. I also got the chance to take a class on my future career. My senior year was the most relaxing of them all. I was already accepted to the college I wanted to go to, so I took all academic classes. The only thing I had to worry about was applying for scholarships.
I first attended middle school (Memorial Parkway Junior High) in the Katy Independent School District and now am about to graduate from high school (James E. Taylor High School). KISD has given me many opportunities to reach my goals and prepare me for college. I first fell in love with architecture while taking art classes in middle school. I continued to broaden my exposure by taking additional architecture classes in high school and I will be pursuing an architecture degree in college. KISD also allowed me to pursue my other passion – playing softball. I hope that I will also be able to continue playing softball in college.
I have been in kisd for almost 10 years now, ever since moving from houston.
While I may dislike certain aspects of the school system, such as the crappy food and the mediocre sports programs, it has much more positives than negatives, with exceptional Diversity and College Readiness
Being a senior I have been at my high school for a few years I have learned a lot from my well-educated classmates and my teachers making sure the students had extra help with after or before school tutorials. Personally, I could say the environment in the school is to ensure the safety of the children so, teachers would have a few class rules for a better system. Other than the work be overwhelming from me being an athlete with limited amount of time for school I was able to manage. When I was a freshman there was not much options for people with dietary restrictions or vegetarian lunches, but not until my senior year did they have more choices. One of the critics that I have is allowing students to have more freedom in middle school by not being too strict for not doing classwork because it's their decision.
I love the diversity of the of the schools. And the academics is great. They really prepare you for what's to come once you graduate.
Very talented teachers. They always put students first and give the best education offered. Sports are very popular in the area, and best place to get an athletic scholarship.
I loved everything about the Katy school district. Perhaps my favorite thing was being in the marching band and competing as well as going to football games. In the kisd school district you really feel as though you're part of a family.
The schools are very good and the teachers are great. It’s a great environment to be creative, since there are so many opportunities to join clubs and start your own. It’s very competitive, but the schools have every resource necessary to be successful.
Katy ISD has a good team of staff that continuously improves standards of schools. New schools are paired up with experienced principals and leading technology. Also there is partnering of sister schools that uplifts low performing schools with the experienced ones. The main negative is the number of students to staff ratio and the quality of substitute teachers that sometimes compromises quality of education.
I love this district because all of the teachers actually care about your success. The only thing negative I would say about it is that the lunches are not the best.
I have had a pleasurable experience as a student in Katy ISD. All students are committed to learning.
Both my kids have been in Katy ISD for almost 9 years. They have experienced a smooth transition to both an new elementary and junior high during these years. The suggestion I have is that there needs to be a middle core class in high school somewhere between Academic and Pre-AP. In Junior High there was only a slight difference between the two but Senior High is a major difference.
overall Katy ISD is a very diverse and inclusive school district. The education standards are high, which pushes students to want to achieve more. The environment is very learning friendly and the teachers take their time to focus on each individual. The teachers build a professional and friendly relationship with the students which helps the students to be more successful. As a student at Katy ISD, I can truly say that students are held to a high standard which causes them to strive and be more successful. I wouldn't choose any other school district to go to if I had the chance.
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Being in this school district was a great experience, and I say this because you are always surrounded by smart and ethically aware students of the community. If you want to go to a school district where you feel safe and important go to Katy ISD. I went to Tomkins and it was the best high school experience you can possibly get.
It is highly active in social activities like clubs, sports, and arts as well as in education. The teachers encourage the students to interact in class. The enviroment is welcoming and accepting.
KISD is one of the best districts in Houston, they created a safe and positive learning environment and I enjoyed going to KISD all 12 years of school. It varies from school to school, but overall the district is great with support and communication.
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