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I enjoyed my six years at Karns City High School. What I enjoyed most was playing sports, lifting, and hanging out with my friends. The academics was pretty good, but I wish they had some more to offer and helped prepare me a little more for College. I feel they could have added more classes and they didn't really have any honors classes or classes with the ability to carry over into college so you didn't have to waste your time retaking classes in college.
I enjoyed the atmosphere. I made many friends throughout my high school career. Classes are more than often enjoyable and teachers engage the students. Often though, there is drama and some situations that teachers and staff can not control.
The teachers are the most caring people. They only wanted to see my succeed in life. The food I would definitely change; the portions are too low and it usually was not even good.
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Great environment. Students are very friendly and teachers are very helpful. They are willing to spend as much time as you need to help you
Karns City High School has been an amazing school for me. The teachers are phenomenal, especially my English teacher for my senior year, Mr. Bates. He helped inspire me to help other people, and work more on my writing.
Very nice school. The quality of education is very high. The student are well aware of there educational coursework.
It's a good school, but they focus on their reputation more than their students, or at least it seems like that. They want more people the take A.P classes since those classes, if we take the exam and get a good grade, improves the schools rep. And they do spend a lot of money on sports, which is our school's bread and butter. They also have a good music program, but i wish they'd spend a little more on education and on helping people with college.
Karns city is s small school so your teachers know you, it's a community that supports you and encourages you. I received a well rounded education at KC. And I made friendships that will last a lifetime and I had fun!
My overall experience as a student at Karns city high school was a very positive experience. We are a small tight knit community where everyone knows you. There are only 123 students in my graduating class. The teacher student rapport has a major impact on my positive experience.
Karns City High School may be a little school, but it takes pride in our academic achievement. I love that our teachers take time to fully teach a subject, explain it in further detail, prep us for tests, and really connect with their students. The teachers here take time to make a personal relationship with every one of their students. I just love that they take time out of their day to say hi or talk to a student if they need someone to talk to.
Overall I love the teachers. Personally I have formed a life long bond with the teachers. Most of the teachers treat you like their own kids. It helps me learn easier being so close to them. I feel like the dress code is a little strict though. I mean this is 2017 and we can't show our shoulders?
I really enjoyed the teachers and staff at the school. I love the variety of elective courses that were offered. Karns City has a very welcoming environment. There are many different sports and extracurricular activities that you can join here at Karns City. The only thing I would change about Karns City is the building. The building was very small and we were running out of classrooms.
I like the small classes and how teachers know their students. I like the relationships made student to teacher, when a student has their head down a teacher can tell something's wrong instead of just implying that's how they are.
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