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We need to be good kids not any bad kids then this school will be better if we have good food and then thispeoe will eat the food there not to be sick from it.
Always has a great feel to it. The teachers truly want what is best for the kids. They all treat each the kid the same. The school has good advanced classes and even allow kids to take college classes.
Kansas School is okay, some of the teachers couldn't care less about their students academics. It's more of a "there's a book, learn from it" school. There are no electives, no art or second language classes.
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I enjoyed Kansas but I feel like students didn’t get as many opportunities as they might have had at a different school. We are a poor school without little to zero resources. I am still a proud lady comet though, my teachers were great, they really knew how to connect with their students and be involved. The downside of having an older building is people TREAT it like an old building. The flooring has been there for ages and everything smelled. Back in early Kansas comet ages there was very small grades that traveled through, but now there are close to a hundred in every grade. There is just not enough room. We need to add on. Yes there are things that could change but I still really loved this schools. Now teachers are friends, now my friends are young adults who are about to embark on their new journey that’s called life. I am a proud lady comet that went to Kansas Public School
Kansas public schools has low standards, poor faculty, rude teachers and an awful principal. I would like to see more challenging classes, because the classes are very easy, a little too easy, and I have yet to be challenged at all by any class.
I liked how involved the teachers were with the students. I dislike that the food is poor and that most of the schools money went to sports instead of clubs and extracurricular activities.
Moving to Kansas gave me a lot more opportunities in sports and academics. The teachers are very helpful and hands on. I have had a wonderful time at Kansas, the student body is respectful with good attitudes.
i love my teachers, and i wish that our teachers we’re paid the amount they deserve. it is just our school it is every school in Oklahoma. Another thing i would like to see changed in our highschool is funding, parts of our ceiling have fallen and teachers have to have buckets in classes. Our carpet smells like mildew and the amount of food that is given to you is small. For some kids this is all they eat, and it is just sad. I will say though that our school does do free lunches and that is awesome! i do enjoy my highschool, but it just needs a few small changes. (what school doesn’t though) Thank you kansas for everything.
I have gone to Kansas all my life and have more or less enjoyed the experiences that came along with it. That being said, I do wish there were more classes available and a better student community. But overall, we are doing our best with what we have and your education can only go as far as you are willing to learn. The clubs and activities do their best to be inclusive and there is a club for every type of person.
I like that some teachers really did love their job and would go above and beyond to help you find your potential. I would like to change the majority of the teachers because some would make you feel bad for asking questions.
Kansas Public Schools is a relatively small school. According to my experiences there, the main priorities of the school and staff focus on academics and sports. As a small school, they're always working to improve. The teachers are very much friendly and wise in their own aspects. If there is one thing the school could improve on, I would suggest giving all students an equal opportunity. I unfortunately had an unlucky experience on this subject. Regardless of a student being involved (and not being involved) in sports, academics, or other clubs, I hope this school will broaden their horizons and acknowledge other students a chance to succeed.
I like the variety of courses offered, but funding is an issue that I would like to see addressed. I like that the teachers are always ready and willing to help the students in their endeavors. I think that it would be nice to see more funding statewide for education purposes but also for repair and remodel purposes of the schools.
This school has good classes and good teachers, but some teachers pick on students and some dont notice the bullying problem that it has. The school is to small for all the students they have.
I love how my school offers hands in training you can't get anywhere else but I would love to see the flight cost come down.
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