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My experience with the Kansas city school district haven't been all that great, I believe the should work on paying attention to what the students need to have more academic skills.
dedicated teachers but they are very under paid . more money should be put into Missouri school systems. downsizing only packed students into less classrooms, that led to a decrease in attendance. lack of funding leaves less school supplies.
I attend St. Teresa's Academy near the Plaza, and it feels like my home away from home. I transferred here after my first semester of sophomore year from a different school, and I have never looked back. I have formed lifelong bonds with my teachers here, and we even have a lovely campus cat, Truman, who roams the quad and greets me on my way to first period! The only thing my school lacks is diversity, with over roughly 70% of my school identifying as Caucasian.
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My experience with KCPS is amazing the diversity if the schools are outstanding compared to other districts. Spending 5th grade through senior year at a KCPS school has given me a new outlook on life and has changed it for the better . The only thing I believe we as a district could work on is more extra curriculurs and better classes .
Volleyball is the sport I enjoyed playing the most through out my high school years. Teachers and staff are loving and caring! the school spirit never has left home. One thing I do wish to see is new equipment and would like to see a renovation done to the building.
Through my high school career I’ve had nothing but love and support from teachers and people in my corner when I neede them most.
I loved the diversity and academic of the Kansas City School district. Students interacting with other ethnicity groups created a special bond for each student and the school. Academic in this particular district was very strong. I feel completely prepared for college.
The Kansas City school district has improved its educational system providing students with a safe place to study as well as electronic devices to aid students with homework, essays, and applying to colleges! Wonderful district filled with teachers who genuinely care about students education in the urban area.
Kansas city school district is decent. The kc school district strives in academic excellence but not so much pressures it. I believe that if more people actually cared where their students end up it would be a much better district. I also feel the resources that are there are very hidden to those that may not be as aware as others. Very gated place meaning you have to know someone to get the help you may need.
What I like about Kansas City School District is how diverse it is at East High School. Somthing I would change is the cafeteria food.
I like the family environment that I grew up with my teachers made me feel safe and at home. In school there wa lots of violence growing up I would see older kids want to be gangbanggers and thugs with was the only bad thing because that environment entered school which hard for me since I was bullied a lot. But it is a good place for young kids who need to be more mature.
I like that Kansas City School District has diversity in it. No one should feel let out when entering the district. The district has a bad rep but honestly it is not that bad if you were in it for 11 years. Plenty of great opportunities to take.
The Kansas city school district isn't the best. But it helps me get a good education. I'm grateful for the teachers, lunch, sports, etc. I am grateful to attend Hogan prep. At Hogan, the teachers really actually want to see us strive and be great, and I am grateful for that.
What I liked about the Kansas City School district is that everybody knows everyone and we are like a big family. I would like to see better food in the school and up to date computers and other resources that can help improve the students learning.
When it comes to the Kansas City School District, I appreciate what offered to me as well as other students. While the administration was faulty at times, schools were still able to make students feel there education was in good hands. The teachers were often genuine and the diversity was well.
There are a lot of teachers who care. We may not have lots of money, but we care for each other. We have one of the top schools in Missouri, Lincoln Prep. Lincoln prep is where I go. I love this school. Lincoln, Home of the tigers, is a place for students to excel. It is an extremely diverse school where everyone gets along. The staff and teachers invest everything into us students. I would recommend every one to go there.
The best district ever. I go to East high school. It a very good school. We have about 100 or more different languages. The teachers are friendly, they always listen and help you every you need. The only thing bad is lunch, they are so nasty.
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What I like about Kansas City school district is that it allowed students to be who they want to be. What I wiould like to see change is decrease in programs and activities.
The Kansas City Public School District is a good district. It's not perfect just as other districts aren't. I feel that they are putting much effort into bettering the district to provide a better atmosphere for students who attend. The food is horrible, I am an upcoming senior class of 2018 and this will be my third year attending the kcps district. I honestly didn't think I'd be in this district again but here I do attend & I have seen some effort in change.
I went to schools in the KCMSD in elementary and high school and both schools were great. In fact, my high school, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy was so great that it was ranked the number one high school in Missouri for three years consecutively.
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