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My experience was average if not barely average. It wasn't the best. I definitely would of liked to be informed more on the process of applying to college worked and finding scholarships. The councillor at the time (2016) at F. L. Schlagle didn't help as much. What I would of liked are classes or times during the school day that inform you about how the transition between highschool to college is. While I was there I wasn't informed until my senior year. What I would say to upcoming students or highschool seniors is to do your own research on on scholarship, colleges, internship, etc. They are important and the earlier you're informed the faster you'll be on track to getting everything set towards college.
Kansas City Kansas Public Schools has helped me to make a choice to pursue a career. The staff encourages their students to get an education. They have staff that help students to be orientated in a young age.
Teachers are amazing and willing to do anything to help us with any work! I have been in this school district since I have moved from Los Angeles. Great District. Teacher and education is very good. One thing they do need to change is the way the food industry works within. They do not provide good food, or any snack bars. Besides that, its great! Great with diversity and sport academics. They all really push their students to do.
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I have been attending schools in the Kansas City area since the 1st grade until high school graduation. All of the schools encouraged academic honesty and valued hard work. Teachers are always doing more to help students achieve their goals and do better in the classrooms by meeting with parents and providing extra resources. I have always felt safe in the schools, and even though there were a few instances where our emergency procedures came into play, we knew exactly how to handle it because of our previous and diligent practices. Overall, I would like my kids to also grow up in this area and attend Kansas City Public Schools because I believe that their missions and goals have helped me to be where I am today.
The schools were ok, They were kind of like the schools you see on television. Normal middle school and high school things. I didnt do sports in high school but I was a cheerleader in middle school.
Overall, pretty good staff. Teachers will work with you if you put your part in . Food is okay could be better though.
It was average I didn’t enjoy the culture of the school. Academics were average compared to Johnson county schools,
More involvement in the lives of students besides from just school. People only seem to care about students only inside the walls of the building. We need more people who are willing to go the extra mile for kids inside and outside of school.
The experience that I had at my school was not that good. On top of the fact that the school was underpaid the environment was very hostile. The staff there focused more on discipline more than education. However, there where a few programs within the school that did a nice job preparing its students to graduate.One great thing that I would also like to emphasize is the culture and the spirit of the school. It was something that I will never forget and will always carry with me.
I've attended KCK public schools my whole life. I learned so much from my teachers. My experience over all was great! What I liked the most about KCK public schools was how the teachers and staff actually cared about the well being of the students, making sure they did everything they could to see each student succeed. What I would like to see in the future for KCK public schools is better funding to keep amazing teachers and staff. Better funding to obtain better supplies for students.
I love this district, although they are strict with some rules, they really are nice at keeping our schools safe. Plus, their administration is really nice and friendly.
Loved the diversity. Disliked the difference in standards between Sumner and every other USD500 school.
I would have to say that my school is OK but it is not the best. The education level is fantastic. The teacher are all supportive of the students and teach well, for me they teach well. The one thing that would be a problem would be the way that they spend there money. All the money that we get is wasted or spent on image. we got a new library, lunch room, and we got new TV's that we don't even use. They are starting to fix the bathrooms that we have but first they fix two bathrooms and they are on opposite sides of the school. After those were fixed they worked on the the others at the same time. so now a school with with 7 bathrooms for boys and girls now only have 2 for each. So i would have to say on the learning aspect it is good but they don't know timing and money importance.
There are so many cultures in Kansas City Public Schools. The student is well educated and determined. Teachers are nice and comfortable to have conversations. If something wrong you can always talk to them. One thing that needing to get better is the place.
I both graduated from this district and taught in this district. The administrators only concern is numbers. These children are being pushed through and are graduating with NO ability to move forward unless they want to wait tables or clean hotel rooms for a living. Teachers are forced to accept that the admin changes the grades of some of the students to move them forward. Well paid babysitters and the teachers know this. They start out good, then they realize what is happening and as soon as they get enough money they are out. 2-3 years and the teachers rotate out or BURN OUT. Too much drama from Admin.
What I like about Kansas City Public Schools is that they really care about where you go after high school. In highschool, they do help you with the assignments handed to you and they talk to you if they feel that something is wrong with you. The teachers always try to get you involved with activities and prepare you for the act and tests. They are available and will make time out of their schedule just to meet with you one on one.
I enjoyed most of the staffs. Some teachers go out of there way to really help children and teens grasp the concept of a subject that they might have trouble with. Other teachers could care less. Regardless of that I grew up and attended KCKPS my entire childhood year and graduated top of my class at this last May! (2017) I made a lot of memories when many of the staffs, faculties, and students. There are some really special teachers who do make a difference, often times students scare them off. Please appreciate these hard-working Staffs/Teachers.
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i love my school, i love being able to wake and know that i am a Wyandotte bulldog. In my opinion, anything is possible in Kansas City. it doesn't matter who you are, you are somebody! wyandotte makes that clear. The staff there makes you feel at home. Usually at some schools you don't really see any connection between the teachers and the students, but at my school? you will hardly find a student without a connection to a teacher.
The teacher's are very nice but not motivated. They are overwhelmed with the day to day responsibility of misbehaving kids who do not want to learn and disrupt the learning environment. If you are willing to go to school, stay focused, and work with the teachers then you will go far. I think tge way kids are supervised is something that should be changed.
The teachers in Kansas City, KS do not teach to their ability. This causes a lot of children to get distracted when they only get a work sheet and that is it. Attending Washington High School has made me believe that the teachers there only would like a pay check. This is what makes the district as a whole fail. Teachers need to have a higher range of teaching methods in order to have students engaged into activities.
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