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I’m an Alumni through the Kannapolis School System my experience there were good. The Teachers and the Administration work together to make sure no one is left behind with education and everyone is given the same opportunities to learn. The only thing I would change is Dress Code for the High School Students.
Loved my years in Kannapolis City Schools, they are always willing to help when there is a problem. Love the teachers and staff.
Overall was amazing district to be able to attend. The programs I was involved in and helped grow were key to my success and I feel ready for college and future. The tight knit community and involvement from every school truly made my school career very enriching.
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I loved participating in sports and making friends. Courses were hard but prepared me for college. With my teacher's help, I was accepted to all the colleges I applied for. Our ARTs program is 2nd to none!
The experience wasn’ Horrible but it’s unexpected. To become a wonder is weird. I personally never thought I would be. You end up making friends and teachers become school parents. The high school experience isn’t horrible you just have to get in where you fit in.
Some of teachers are great and really enjoy their career as a teacher! Although, you have a lot there just to get a paycheck and the administrators are crap! They are manipulative and do not know how to handle situations in a professional manner. My mother had three kids go through Kannapolis City Schools that graduated but now that the school system has turned to complete crap, she now has her kids in Cabarrus County School, and the teachers are just great.
I've been in Kannapolis city school since Pre-k. Just recently I graduated at A.L Brown High school. Every experience I had in KCS will always live in my heart.
All of Kannapolis City schools strive to better their students and faculty. Everyone is positive and encourages one another. Teachers push their students to do better and succeed. Students do their best to be keep a open mind and thirst for knowledge as well.
I'm a senior at A.L brown, I think one of the best thing here at brown is bring a WONDER , only the wonders will know the true meaning behind that. Kannapolis city school in my opinion have some beautiful schools and their making progress by making the community look better, and getting involved with the environment.
Growing up through the Kannapolis City School district, I enjoyed most of my time here. There is a lot of diversity, and there are also many teachers that care for each and every one of their students.
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