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The staff and students are very friendly. Unfortunately, the school is very small. This means that some of the opportunities that are offered at nearby schools are not offered here. However, for a rural school, there are a lot of programs.
They have a lot of college courses. And the College Readiness is very good .I really think I am ready for my experience in Engineering. And the only thing I would change about the School is the teachers involvement with the kids.
While there are a few that slip through the cracks, most teachers are fantastic. The administration is proactive and helpful, and while the guidance counselors can be iffy in very specific circumstances, they are helpful. There is a wide variety of extra curricular activities to chose from.
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The school has always had college level.classes if the students wants it or the have a lot of job ready classes for the students that don't want to attend college
My experience at KV was great! The teachers are so helpful and someone you can trust. The environment from everyone throughout the school is welcoming, and the principles do a great job of keeping the school running. The janitors at the high school are great as well! They do so much, and are always around the school working hard, and they do a great jobs too!
I think that all schools have issues and it’s not always the schools fault, however schools always have room for improvement. I believe that KV could improve some of thier rules and policies to make school more fair for everyone.
The school is in a small town, making it hard to branch out and meet new people. The sports team coaches all pick favorites. Teachers are awesome though.
They have good teachers and great students. There is little to no hate in our school and everyone is very supportive of each other. We also have many accessible resources provided by the school in a variety of classes/subjects.
This school does absolutely nothing that is good. Almost all the students are drug addicts, the teachers aren't even at school half the time, the dress code is totally blown out of proportion, there are so many restrictions on things we shouldn't have them at all, the food is terrible and in small portions and we have all of these assemblies about bullying but no one does anything about it when it is actually happening.
The teachers are great. Lots of time to finish ur work in school. This helps me study more. The lunches are cheap and healthy. Each day there is a vast variety of lunch choices, which I personally love.
I was in the kv school system from 2nd grade until i graduated! I had mostly a great experience. I missed over a year of school due to severe health complications. During that time the school was helpful and supportive during my tough time. When i got sick there were some difficulties with teachers wanting to give me credit for their class. Although it worked out in the end there shouldn't have been an issue. Kv has great classes that offer great opportunities for students who want to further their education, for example: health science classes to learn about the health field or become a CNA, criminal justice courses, cooking, radio and broadcasting, computer, building trades and many others as well!
Kankakee Valley School Corp. is always striving to help their students reach their goals and succeed in school and extra curricular activities.
I have gone to Kankakee valley schools for all of my schooling. I love it here. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I love the teachers, they really connect with you and you're learning style and always help you until you fully understand something. Being able to be apart of such a great school system is amazing and not everyone gets that. The administration is awesome as well and they are always looking at what's best for the students. I don't think really anything needs to be changed in my eyes. Kv will always be my home.
Kankakee Valley High School has some good things, but some bad. You just gotta make the best out of your high school experience. The teachers most of them are good, but there are a few exceptions. It is very clean and pretty large.
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