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Kankakee School District No. 111 Reviews

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Teachers need to have more face-to-face time with students, focusing more on the bonding and learning there in the classroom. Today, the schools are the safest place for children and with some teachers not making it seem friendly the classroom is almost equivalent to their own dangerous household. The intense violence surrounding children today really makes school more like a vacation. While it is rough for teachers dealing with these added concerns, along with extreme budget cuts throughout the state, we must keep the safety and well-being of our children the first priority.
The schools within the district are good running schools but when it comes to the administrations, as in the big dogs, things are just on a different level. In my opinion as a student we don’t have much as a say so into our own school system. This is where we spend 12 years (maybe more depending on the person) of our lives at and we’re just moving in line but not creating what we want. Administration want students to be happy and encouraged to come to school but when we’re there at times we’re miserable. I feel students should have access to an open poll for each school to help what goes on. I feel students need interaction.
My experience in the Kankakee High School experiences wasn’t the greatest. During my high school years, there really wasn’t any stability. Many of the administrators were concerned about the wrong things.
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What i like about Kankakee is that is a great way to start learning. Teachers are great and fin they make classes much easier and to be enjoyable.
There are a handful of qualified instructors trying to educate students who often do not want to be educated. Although there are not a huge group of violent students, their behaviors make it difficult for everyone else to be a part of the high school experience. The district is primarily made up of lower socio-economic families which makes it way less diverse. The district has a new superintendent who is sincerely trying to make changes and I think she will as time goes on. A new football field, a revamped auditorium and added classrooms should also improve things greatly, but there are some students and evern some parents who are making things very difficult.
I enjoyed many of the teachers and other students at Kankakee, sadly the administration limited options in many ways. They have a school uniform that is not force, also many teachers were fired for no reason and teachers with connections who were terrible teachers but have yet to been punished for unacceptable behavior. The students who broke rules commonly never have consequences.
At Kankakee, every one is a family. We all love to learn and appreciate each other. There's so much diversity, great academics and it's all around like a big home in each facility you attend wether you're in Elementary school, Middle school, Junior high, or High school. Kankakee helped shape me as a person because their school teach us academics of course but they also teach you nessecary life skills.
Its an okay school district, the public school district now has a dress code. A uniform, maroon, powder blue, navy blue, or black polo with khakis. I was a junior when they came about this idea so I had to partake in it.
Overall Kankakee High School is not a bad school to attend. There is a small amount of teachers who actually care about my education. my experience at Kankakee High School it was a good experience but need to have some improvements. The teachers and administrators are too lenient when it comes to enforcing the school rules. I like that the school is more diverse than the other schools in the Kankakee county and i also like how the school have clubs and activities to get kids involved in the district. Like any school it has its ups and downs but it is not the worst I have experienced. What i would like to change about my school is that they need to be more professional or the teachers involvement with the students education.
It was good overall. I just wished the teachers would elaborate on more about what they are trying to explain to us, but to also come in once in a while to talk about ways how we can pay for colleges and set up with us individual on how to do t or if we have any questions
Kankakee School District No. 111 was an average district to get an education in. It does not have the best administration but the academics are better than the neighboring districts.
Kankakee school District has improved over the years as a result of having an amazing, relentless , new superintendent, who has implemented new rules and policies for the school. Graduation Rates have improved, the look of the school has improved, learning engagement of students have improved, and so has teaching styles.
I would like to see more resources for apply for colleges during jr year to be ready when senior year starts
Well when I attended this school district this was not good for me ! I made friends but the education was different. Also I moved from a different state just to go here so this was a total difference in education.
You don't feel important as a student at Kankakee. The administration's only concern seems to be money and how to make more of it. Special needs aren't met and differences aren't tolerated.
When they first introduced uniforms, they sprung it on us in the middle to the school year instead of the beginning if the next one, so everybody kind of struggled to get them. Also a lot of bullying goes on and much isn't really done about it. I'm in Kankakee High School right now, and I'm disappointed in the diversity of the classes.
So far what I have liked about Kankakee High School as being a Freshman is the activity's and the teachers. The reason why I like the activity's and the teachers are cause they want the students to have and also encourage them to succeed. What I would like to see change about the kankakee high school in the future is better consequences when the students are disrespectful.
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as any schools all schools have there ups and down kankakee is a public school who made its transfer to wearing school uniforms for the whole district our sports are on the rising we just got an grant to build a whole new football field. our teachers some time come of ass unhelpful but i never had a teacher in my 4 years who didn't care about my future and who didn't want me to succeed in life.
We now have uniforms at a public school but I don't mind it honestly. I've met some great individuals at this district!
I like how Kankakee is a diverse school. Some of the teachers here are really good and actually care about their students. One thing I would like to see changed in the district is some of the teachers.
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