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Kanab high does well for a small town. I enjoyed FFA and high school rodeo as a freshman. The new school counselor chad Castiagno is the best. He has been a lifesaver for me and my education when I felt like quitting.
This education system is very good. It creates a friendly atmosphere that allows one to absorb knowledge, and if you create the right connections, they will provide college opportunities and scholarships.
I have attended school in the Kane County School district from elementary through high school. The majority of the teachers love to teach and are willing to go the extra mile to teach their students. The facilities are neat and clean and the district upgrades as they are able to afford to. The community really supports all the academic programs, from sports to music and drama. As it is a smaller school, I have been able to participate in many different activities. I have had one-on-one instruction from my coaches, teachers and mentors. Parental support from my friends have been wonderful. We have a close class as it is small, about 45 students. The school district has been recognized several times over the past few years by the state of Utah for its excellence in educational activities.
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They are super strict and don't even let you wear leggings. They won't let you dye your hair or anything!
Kane county school district truly cares about those they serve. They make an effort to see that every student is cared for and that everyone in school is doing the best to their ability.
Overall, I have had a great time going to my school. Like in any school, there is conflict, but I feel it is handled very well, but what my school and district lack is diversity. The majority of students here share similar backgrounds and similar interests. I am definitely the "black sheep" of the school, but I'm hoping that I can help show people to express themselves more and help the area become more diverse.
Kane County School District is amazing. Everyone here cares about each other just like family. If I had to change one thing about Kane County School District I would change Valley High schools lunch period to an hour.
I have really enjoyed being at this school. The classes are interesting and I learn a lot. The teachers are super helpful and answer any questions I have. It's a pretty great school.
I liked going to a school in Kane County. It wasn't a huge school, let alone it wasn't even big. It was kind of a small school. I liked being involved in the activities, such as volleyball and cheer. I loved playing volleyball and cheering at football and basketball games. Being on the team gave me more friends and they started becoming like a second family. They were always there for me when I needed them. One thing I didn't like about the small school was the drama that was going on every week. It was always some sort of dumb drama. I also didn't like how uninvolved our counselor was. He never called us in to his office to see how were doing, or if we're in the right classes so we'll be able to graduate. Overall, I would say Kanab High School isn't that bad, it was fun. I liked it for the first couple of years, but now I'm ready to move on from the small school and head off to college.
I am a current student at Valley High School, wich is a part of the Kane County School District. I really the feeling I get when I walk into the High School. The school is clean and the students and faculty are extremely nice. This school is extremely small and because of this everyone knows everyone. The school is an extremely safe place and none of the students have locks on their lockers because they all trust each other. I think all schools should have a safe environment like this school because it just feels right. The rules in this school are rather strict but I know that's because the people who made them care about the students and they want the best for them. They follow the LDS standers but that's because almost everyone is LDS in the area. I am glad I grew up in Valley however I am ready for something else and can't wait to see what the future will hold.
I am really pleased to be living in Kane county. I have lived in many other places, but none have compared to how friendly the people here are. I love it here and I wouldn't change a thing.
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