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My overall experience in my School District has been positive. I believe that due to the size and the location it is hard to have a larger elective selection in classes. I felt comfortable in my class sizes, but being a smaller school the population didn't change much from Kindergarten to High School. The teachers are all friendly, but due to it's size I believe that they are sometimes spread thin and we may not have all of the other offerings a larger district my be able to provide.
Smaller class sizes- teachers care and help- plenty of sports- needs more clubs.
Excellent phys ed and music in middle school and high school. Cafeteria food is tasty. Art is fun too
Overall the academics provided at Kane Area High School are ample to prepare you to go into the college level. One thing that I wish was different would be to have a wider variety of course offerings. Being a small district this becomes difficult as we don't have the student population to support more diversity.
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As a former student at Kane Area High School, it is not, by any means, a prestigious school, but it is very connected and friendly. The teachers personally know almost all of their students and their families. As the content of what is taught is limited compared to other schools, it is taught well and the teachers know what they are talking about and it shows in the way they teach. Almost all of the students are friends with everyone and can trust the teachers with things they are unable to tell others, which is very important in today's society.
It's such a small town that you basically know everyone, even if you don't know them personally, you've heard of them.
My daughter started Kindergarten this year. I loved how the teachers and faculty met the children at the meeting to prepare for Kindergarten.
Kane Area School District isn't bad, but they are very closed off to families and people who want to homeschool outside of cyber school. I would like to see them be more open to those who wish to homeschool in their area.
There were many things to love about my small town high school. Our athletic programs were amazing and always strongly supported by the community. The teachers were warm and approachable. Our administration was very involved in each students academic journey. I have many fond memories when I think back to the staff and students. We were a small school, we didn't always have all the resources or opportunities that bigger schools had, but we did have community. I knew everyone in my graduating class, I knew all the teachers, and they all knew me. I always felt safe and protected at school. All in all I woudn't trade my high school experience of any other.
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