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Kanawha County is a great county for average students. For students wanting to excel, the school system can be hit or miss. I recommend George Washington HS for those who wish to be prepared for college and want to take a wide variety of AP courses with capable teachers. The teachers truly care for their students as seen in the 2018 teacher strike for better funding and pay. Many of my teachers put their own money into buying school supplies. However, some teachers don't put much work into their students. Better middle and elementary schools can be found in neighboring counties. The diversity is better than in other counties with GWHS having a decent Muslim population. The majority is definitely white. There are several different economic classes and religions, along with a decent LBGTQ+ support in the high schools.
As a homeschool student, a supportive relationship with the County Board of Education is a critical component for a successful academic career. Not every county in WV is supportive of homeschool education. Kanawha County Schools were extremely helpful to my parents and me in ensuring that we met the necessary requirements for graduation. For the ratings, I will give them based on the activities in which I was involved with a Kanawha County School. For example, taking a class in a school, participating in a PSAT exam, and attending sporting events. There is only one area I will rate based on my homeschool status....sports. West Virginia had an opportunity to pass a law that would allow homeschool students to participate in team sports at the school located in their district. However, the school systems, including Kanawha, were vehemently opposed to it, and the bill died in committee. Because of this, I am giving Kanawha County Schools a poor rating for this.
Kanawha County has many wide varities of education much more than other counties in West Virginia . The board makes sure we are ready to move on based on how much schooling and knowledge we have learned that year.
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When I went, the teachers were very rude and didn't care about the students. They also did take into consideration the weather and or how the schools were with heating/cooling. The food they provided was terrible and not enough to fill up a kindergartener let alone a high school student. The administration were very judgmental and didn't take any concerns seriously. The classes did not help prepare for college and many student were placed in irrelevent classes that had no value to further education. Many of the schools have problems with cleanliness. In the elementary schools they had to deal with headline and bed bugs and the high schools bathroom and other places were so dirty and nasty you were just uncomfortable.
Kanawha county schools were ok depending upon the school. Some of the schools in more wealthy communities were given more things and were treated better. Most of the school buildings aren't up to the same standard as others across the country. As far as the education, the teachers all work very hard with their resources to provide a good learning environment. Kanawha county is not very considerate when it comes to bad weather. They normally don't delay or cancle school when it is dangerous out for students to travel. Overall the quality of the education is normally very good, even if all the schools don't have the best equipment to teach. As far as the county and keeping all the schools held to the same level, that could use some work.
There is a total lack of equality in the Kanawha County School system. For example, many of the county's resources and attention are focused on the "better" schools and little help is given to schools such as mine who do not shine as bright as the rest. Furthermore, the academic opportunities presented to children within the county is completely polarized based on the socioeconomic status of the school system you attend. George Washington High School is a few short miles away from my school and they are rated the best high school in the state on many levels, nationally, regionally, and locally. However, even though my school (Sissonville High School) and George Washington High School share relative location they are not in any way EQUAL! Their mission statement is "Kanawha County Schools will provide a world class education that ensures all students are college and career ready for the 21st Century," yet I have seen this no where in my personal educational experience.
I loved it in kanawha county school some of my teachers where all that great but over all it was a great experience
My grade school didn’t help prepare me for middle, and high school. I was in the 7th grade with a 4th grade math level. The facility s are awful, with urin on the floor, no soap, toilet paper. The janitor is a far right wing, with iron cross belts, and Infowars stickers on their trashcans.
I go to Herbert Hoover High School in Kanawha County, WV. My school was closed after the 2016 flood, Kanawha County Board of Education, has not helped give information about a new school or even plans for a new one and that is extremely frusturating for the community. Ever since I started Kindergarten the BOE has changed testing every couple of years. They need to stick to a routine so they can see what kids are actually learning and not learning.
Overall a fine institution. Studied from K through 12 in the district. Most teachers were affective.
I went to a good high school in this school district, so I ended up ok; however, I can see where if you unfortunately attended one of its lower achieving schools, you may end up having a hard time once you get to college. When money is tight, the students are directly hurt, yet the superintendent regularly accepts increases to his already 6 figure salary. The children are not really the priority. That being said, I was fortunate enough to attend schools that were successful and therefore I felt prepared for college, but that has nothing to do with the school system as a whole.
Capitol High School is the worse school I have ever seen. The staff and teachers does not care about educating the kids. They suspend the black kids for non urgent matters. The school meets a lot of improvement. We moved to West Virginia and had to move back to Georgia because of the lack of stability of the school and administrators. Do not enroll your kids in Capitol High if you're from another state and know better.
Honestly there has been a few dents in the school system. Problems with curriculum planning, punishment towards students and more. Overall though I've retained a lot of knowledge that is very much valuable in the future. I couldn't be anymore thankful.
West Virginia is a highly discriminatory state with horrible academics overall, but I can tell you with all truth, Kanawha County schools is the worst school district and the least proficient or driven. Any other district would suffice.
KCS seems too controlling. There is not enough structure in school subjects, they change every year back and forth because the county can not determine which is best. Standardized testing gets worse and worse each year and measures nothing valuable about what the student has learned over the course of the year.
In Kanawha county schools it can be very hit or miss depending on which area of the county that you live in also on whether or not you have a child with special needs. if you live in the GW area you can pretty much expect to get what you need everyone else just fends for themselves
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