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Kalkaska Public Schools Reviews

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I liked how some teachers actually cared for you but than others didn't care. also school lunches are in need to change. and the curriculum needs to be more difficult if they want a more competitive education. Sports in Kalkaska though are top priority. Everyone has school spirit.
I am a graduate of Kalkaska High School. I have had a learning disability since I was born due to health issues. The teacher here push you to be your best in everything you do. There were times that I did not feel I could do it, they would give me the encouragement to push forward and accomplish. I had one teacher that would help me with reading every night after school. She was not required to do it, but did it out of the goodness of her heart.
I love the teachers here! They were always There to help you with whatever you needed no matter what. One draw back would be our school doesn’t offer a wide range of classes.
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I would personally like the lunch selection to be better and have juice at lunch. I would also appreciate it if we could have the choice to either stand or sit.
As with most schools nowadays, the lunches are far from spectacular, but, in my opinion, that is the worst of the problems I've experienced. Other than that, the biggest issues I have found are a lack of the level of funding found in many other schools in the area, and a weak math department at the high school level. The science and social studies departments are fantastic, with teachers with real world experience with what they are teaching and/or a general passion that surpasses many. In my experience, the counselors seem to have a true interest in the students' well being, as with most of the other faculty.
Kalkaska Public schools have a welcoming environment and try to make every students experience there a great one. They work with the students to ensure they are reaching there best potential and are prepared for standardized tests and for college.
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