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I really liked having the idea of the Kalamazoo Promise always in the back of my mind, made me strive harder to succeed.
I love kps because it is a good academic program we just need more activities involve and more people in the community. We also
Kalamazoo Public Schools introduced me to Mock Trial which has become one of my passions in life and has helped me further my interest in becoming an attorney. However, Kalamazoo Central counselors need to be more proactive in helping their students find scholarships and actually listening to what students are interested in. Also, there is a lot of teachers who do not respect the leadership of the principal who is amazing. I think this is because she is an African American woman. The teachers for the most part are passionate about their work but overall this school does not properly prepare students for college. They need to offer more and harder AP classes .
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My experience in the district was fun and safe. I was able to participate in anything i was interested in, from sports to politics. I like how the Kalamazoo Public Schools district allows their students to get involved and politics and shows students what is currently happening in the world.
Kalamazoo Public Schools has a bad reputation because of the financial standing of many of the attendees. Not everyone in Kalamazoo is wealthy, but that doesn't take away from the education I receive there. My school specifically, Loy Norrix, is an amazing school with amazing teachers who care about there students and their futures.
The school system actually cared about my success and education. They valued me as a student, and welcomed me into their family as I attended each academic school building. I was provided with a high education, not high in quantity, but high in quality. I felt myself gaining knowledge, expanding my viewpoints of learning as I am now going to be sent into the world beyond school. I was and still am perpetually satisfied with the school system.
What I like most about Kalamazoo public schools is it's culture and diversity. KPS has a strong value for education and literary skills, together KPS brings the people of any and all backgrounds together.
I attended elementary, middle and high school through Kalamazoo public schools. Attending KPS schools has definitely exposed me to a diverse group of people. KPS lacks technology resources, although they have okay computers there are no programming classes that are easily available.
There is such diversity at Kalamazoo Public Schools. As a former K-12 Kalamazoo Public Schools student, I can honestly say that I would not change one thing about my time at KPS. Always great experiences for the children, and great teachers to teach them. Would recommend it!
I enjoy the diversity of it all. Just some times the students can be a little much. And the teachers are never given the resources they need to make the class room a better place.
It was a very basic school system but they do try their best to make sure you always have somewhere to go if you need assistance.
I really enjoy how easy it is to connect with teachers and to feel comfortable in school. I feel like a lot of opportunities have been offered through out my years of attending KPS. Although, I feel like they could have better school counselors and control the disrespect from students to other students.
My time at Kalamazoo Public Schools was great, the teachers spent time extra time working with students who needed it and helped them achieve their goals of going to college (Kalamazoo Public Schools is home to the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship).
There are some very dedicated teachers at Kalamazoo Public Schools. It is a very diverse school with some nice facilities. The pool and theatre are especially respectable.
A very friendly environment for all groups. The staff takes the time to get to know students and have person relationships making the transition from all grade levels easier. Administration creates a loving and safe enviornment in which students can branch out and find people they relate to most.
I've been attending Kps since 1st grade , I had a great time in school . Our teachers really care about the students they always reach out to help them because of how bad the world is they wouldn't want us to end up in a bad environment. Although your food wasn't too good, it wasn't really about the food it was about educating the students to become scholars.
This school district is horrible. They just let kids get bullied, don't teach very effectively and pick on student.
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KPS is a very good district. It is a very diverse, and has a lot of great teachers. I believe KPS works very hard to make sure all the students are safe and well taught. Also KPS has the Kalamazoo promise, which means you have a chance of getting 100% free tuition if you attend for k-12.
Kalamazoo Public Schools is diverse and a marvelous district to raise a family in. there is lots of involvement within the community. the curriculum is something i would like to see change. everyone's voices is heard. our administration is one of the best. the food system is not so great but being worked on.
I have been going to Kalamazoo Public Schools since I was enrolled in Pre school. I'm now in the 10th grade I have had my ups and downs with this district but i think it is pretty good for such a small city.
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