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My experience at Kalamazoo Public schools was Average and can be in need of some updates. A few things I liked about kps is the transportation and the promise.
Kalamazoo Public Schools gives their students great exposure to diversity. The district is full of students who come from different backgrounds/cultures. The teachers in the district create a college going culture to give their students a better future.
I appreciated the diversity of KPS. I feel that it has taught me to appreciate people and their different backgrounds.
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I loved how diverse the environment was and the immense opportunity there is in the county for students and their future.
If you aren't one of the popular kids, no one cares about you. It is very easy to fall through the cracks. I wish they didn't shove college down our throats. They should teach about other things like trade schools.
Kalamazoo Public schools is labeled as a bad school district, from the ways of teaching to the things that have happened there. My favorite thing is that the teachers are absolutely amazing. The teachers not only teach you, they also make great relationships with you, those relationships grow through out the years you attend those schools also.
Not perfect, but has its upsides. Ive met with many of the officials who work here, and they all do their best jobs. Its not their fault that the students can be a bit polarizing at times. great staff
This is a very good school district. It is up to you to really make sure you're going where you want to go. The school is bad at supporting everyone, they only support some students and assume the rest are fine when this is not always the case.
I would like to see ways in which the facilities can be updated and improved. I would also like to see the teachers become more involved.
What I loved about Kalamazoo Public Schools is that it is diverse and there is a wide array of people there, many races, identities, etc. You can find both the best people and the worst people there but it's worth it once you find that one good friend. Most teachers have wonderful personalities and can relate to students, they have all been in the school and understand the atmosphere well. There tends to be quite a bit of drama here though so every once and a while there are physical altercations and engagements, so I would want the rate of those to change. Maybe implementing a better response system to these would help deter them in a way.
I like the opportunity to meet with teachers so they help you with different challenges you may have in their class. I would change not having SAT prep or tutoring.
I love going to Kalamazoo Public Schools. The diversity is what makes it so special. I moved to KPS from Portage Public schools with little diversity. I moved to KPS because I wanted to learn, see, and interact in different cultures. I made so many amazing friends and teacher bonds. I learned so many things that I would have never learned at Portage Public Schools. Most importantly I learned about other cultures through experiences and understood perspectives that other people may view of the cultures. A couple things I would like to change in the district of Kalamazoo Public Schools is the violence, and fighting that happens throughout the school year. Many teachers have actually got hit or have had a very abusive experience among teacher there. I hope that through the years the violence changes and the weapons get left at home.
As a student within the district I’m disappointed with the education that I’ve received. I’ve had two classes in my life with teachers who I feel actually benefited me and want to see me to succeed. The work we get is busy work and the environment is dirty and hectic. I personally wouldn’t have my children in the future attend a district with the type of schooling we have. The only positive thing about the district is the Kalamazoo Promise we have helping families relive the stress of paying for college.
I loved the diversity we have at Kalamazoo public schools. You get to meet totally different people on a daily basis. I also liked the number of advanced placement classes Kalamazoo public schools offers. I dislike two main things. The first is the food. The portion sizes barely make 500 calories where you should have at least 800 calories for lunch to be able to sustain yourself throughout the day. I also dislike the amounts of fights and intolerable behavior there is at Kalamazoo public schools. There are so many fights that when I now see one, I brush it off as something that's not new.
When I transferred to this school is was difficult because I left all my friends behind and I didn’t know anybody but everyone I meant and created bonds with good individuals and I’m glad I met them.
Well, My experience was very good when it came to Kps schools. I'm very glad that I attended. Going to these types of schools has made me grow tremendously and for that, I'm truly grateful
The educational system prepared me for the university but I was surrounded by students who could care less about being in school. I did not feel like I belonged among them.
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The things that I like about Kalamazoo Public Schools is that there is a lot of diversity you see many people from lots of places when walking through the halls. The teaching staff that I have had have been good they have helped push me and get better at things that I didn't believe that I could be. I feel that there are some kids that don't care about school and they usually interrupt classes and not much is done about it they are usually just asked to quiet down and what not and sometimes there is punishment as in AGA but not all of the time.
Everyone I have met or seen within this School System, was accepting and friendly. It’s extremely diverse and receiving the Kalamazoo Promise had helped me tremendously in college!
KPS doesnt take pride or stick in their African American students. There is a disconnect between the students and the staff.
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