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Kalama School District Reviews

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Kalama is a all around a good school, the staff and students are kind and welcoming to all who enter. The learning environment in kalama is outstanding I would recommend kalama to anyone I meet.
I loved the classroom size and the personal engagement between students and teachers. I would love to see the school grow and gain more students and staff.
The teachers at Kalama High School are amazing. They each want nothing more than for you to learn the materials, and succeed to graduate. They are all devoted to their jobs and even participate in school events. I moved from Kelso to Kalama and I was the new kid at Kalama High, and the students and staff filled me right in and welcomed me into their school and lives. It is a great environment for anyone in debate on where to send their child for school.
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Kalama is a school that only cares about the value of the teachers rather than helping the students learn & grow up. They would rather see kids fail than see them suceed. They don't care about their education, only about themselves as teachers.
Kalama High School can be a good experience if you take the right classes. Most of the teachers care and are helpful/good people, but there are almost no clubs/activities to participate in because it's such a small school.
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