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Juniata County School District Reviews

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Juniata tends to sometimes have favoritism. The school isn't terrible, but sometime's things can get stressful. On preparing for college it isn't any better or any worse than any other highschool.
Juniata County is one of the most rural areas in the state. Our high school reflects that. We don’t have a ton of options as far as clubs or opportunities go. There’s more than enough support for athletics; every athletic event is advertised on the morning announcements. The band, the art club, and other more academic clubs deserve more recognition in my opinion. Perhaps there would be more opportunity for students if these academic clubs were given more support.
The teachers are hands on learners and great communicators. The High School sports are also very well presented and have good attitudes as student athletes. You have a good student body throughout school and has many activities that gets the students involved. There are many clubs such as SADD, FFA, HOSA, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Volley Ball, Cheer Leading, Band, Chorus, and so so much more! On assembly days for Pep Rallies, you will get a kick of laughter from the students and get them ready for Friday Night Lights during football season. Juniata High School is great and all around a friendly school to attend.
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Juniata County School District is one of the worst I've experienced. The teachers are unfair, biased, and racist. We are also one of the most poor schools in the nation.
The county has limited population and low school taxes, but that leaves less resources to make great education. The teachers are generally well-qualified, but seem to have low morale. The students are apathetic and their attitude is fostered by their parents. Parents expect the school to take care of their children, but will fight, if the student needs correction. Facilities, materials and technology is old, deteriorating, replaced only after the replacement is being replaced by other districts. When technology is available, teachers often have limited resources for learning how to use it and do so at sub par levels. Parents and the community doesn't see the need to keep pace with developing employment sectors. Guidance counselors have actually discouraged students from pursuing college education and are poor at assisting in furthering education or scholarships.
I really enjoyed the agricultural program at Juniata High school. The sports programs were great and the academics were alright. All the teachers were kind and helpful. I would like to see Juniata County School District combine high schools and end all arguments.
Juniata is a small rural school. We have teachers who care and help you achieve your goals inside and outside the classroom. We have a strong athletic following and our student athletes do well in the classroom also.
I graduated from East Juniata High School. I liked my experiences there. I made many good friends and we were all fairly close throughout high school. East Juniata is very rural and close knit. Most of the teachers there are very nice and willing to build a one-on-one relationships with you in order for them to better aide you in your further endeavors, whether it be a college recommendation or reference for a job. Although I would like to see more equality in sports teams, all students should get equal amount of playing time.
Juniata School District is small but nice school district. The teachers know who the students are, and there's face to face time with all the teachers. I would like to see change in the academic options for the students; add more to give a wider range of opportunities for the students.
I feel that JHS did not prepare me for college. The classes offered at JHS is very low compared to other high schools. The teachers were mostly nice and knowledgeable but the administration was lacking. This high school was a little too laid back for students preparing themselves to go to college. I felt safe attending this high school. I played many sports and had a fun time participating. There are not many clubs or organizations at JHS. The food served in the cafeteria is terrible, I had to pack my own lunch every day. This high school is definitely not one of the best in PA.
When attending Juniata county high school I went through a lot of challenges. The school was a good place to learn but I struggled a lot. I felt like I barely made it cause I had a different way of learning. Their was teachers that I really cared about that helped me succeed. They never gave up on me and for that I'm grateful.
I like the fact that we are a somewhat small school. Students have close relationships with their teachers and can have one-on-one learning sessions. However, I would like to see a change in the overall appearance of the school. Changes such as better food, cleaner restrooms, and less leaky ceilings would be great.
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