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Juneau Borough School District Reviews

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The Juneau School District has overall been a great experience for me. I have been in this district for my whole life, and it has been nothing but supportive and helpful. The academics are pretty good, other than the lack of funding and opportunities. Many things, such as sports, classes, and clubs are amazing in the school district, there is just a lack of teachers to support each and every activity. Sports are underfunded, but the coaches and teams are amazing. The teachers are awesome and the administration in amazing. The other schools in the area are great.
I had a lot of trouble with administration. There were some pretty serious allegations about an inappropriate teacher-student relationship that wasn't thoroughly investigated, and I was told I wasn't allowed to use any of the bathrooms for a while because I was trans. What was I supposed to do? Pee outside?
I feel safe, I feel important and the emphasis my school has put on the arts, specifically music, has been especially meaningful to me and life-changing. I have gained experiences through my connections with instructors all over the district that have allowed me to improve my skills in ways I couldn't imagine.
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Juneau Borough School District is a good all around district. The teachers are well trained and the classes offered is good for the size of the community. The only problems that I would point out have to do with budget restrictions and the impacts on the students, but I know this is a state-wide and probably a nation-wide problem. I do see class diversity and class size taking a negative turn in recent years as the budget decreases.
Despite being one giant school district, the lesson plan varies quite greatly, as does the quality of education, and the teachers from school to school. Mendenhall River and Auke Bay are fabulous, where as Riverbend is the more neglected. I cannot speak for the schools located in downtown Juneau, but of the 3 "valley" schools, there is a very noticeable difference.
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