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The Junction City Districts have been my home for my entire life -- I owe everything I am to the staff that nurtured my mind and character to the person they've become today. We never needed thousands of dollars of grants and donations to get things done just like any other richer school. What we lacked in funds we made up for in student-teacher connections, academic activities, and musical involvement. It's a loving community, though it's had its share of mistakes. But we've always been open to changing for the better. I couldn't be more proud to be a JCHS Tiger for my entire academic career.
I liked how laid back teachers were. Most of the teachers were so kind and giving. The classes were also somewhat small and it made the learning environment easier for kids like me with learning disabilities. Out of all the schools I have been to, (8), Junction city is one of the best.
The Environment here is very welcoming, when I came here from out of district i never felt out of place. The teachers are amazing and care about each student individually. Here at Junction City we are very welcoming to all religions and cultures and no one ever feels judged. We are a small community so everyone knows everyone so it makes school activity's much more enjoyable and a lot more supportive at sporting events
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At Junction City High School students are able to have a great experience through the helpful environment provided by staff. Like most high schools, homecoming is a big deal. But in Junction City the entire community gets involved. Every year students get to enjoy a night called Noise Night. During this the city closes off main street and the student body gets to show off their class floats in a parade downtown. After the parade, students are led back to the high school to enjoy a night of games and competitions. Student life isn't the only thing that is great about this school. JCHS is rated above average in school quality. Students here perform above average on tests, college readiness, and yearly academic improvement. When it comes to student success, test scores and college readiness is taken seriously and students are well informed on the standards to meet state Tests. Overall Junction City High School is a good fit for any type of student and will always help students succeed.
I graduated in 2013 and my family has been a part of the district for four generations. My great grandfather worked for the district, my grandpa and father have both graduated from this district. Through talking with them, I have seen the changes that have taken place over time. The teachers are very liberal in their ideals which they promote through their curriculum. Facilities are outdated and wont be renewed for some time due to money shortage which is due to poor planning and execution of the budget. The atmosphere of the school is degrading and I wouldn't send my children through such a place.
Although, Junction City School District is located in a small town with not much to offer, I have learned a lot from this school. I have learned time management in class from my teachers, to prioritize homework and school above all else (even over my part-time job), to ask for help when needed, and as long as you try your absolute best that's all you can really ask and hope for. Junction City School District doesn't provided many extra curricular activities unfortunately, but they do provided a staff that cares about each individual student and will go beyond duties to help that individual. I'm definitely grateful for everything Junction School District has provided for me.
Junction City School District was a great place to go to school for all 12 years of my education. The small town community was a great one to get into and the relationships I created with my teachers helped me with college and scholarships. I would send my kids here if I had any because this is the best education you can get with a small town community feel also.
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