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Julesburg School District No. RE-1 Reviews

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I love the facility and the teachers. The sports and recreation areas are superb. The only improvements would be the lunch program.
The school is very well managed. Academics comes first at this school. We are ahead of most school academically which gives us an advantage in the future.
Julesburg will care for you. The academic standard is high and there will be a lot of pressure on you. But there is a lot of help. With proper work ethic, anyone can succeed at Julesburg. However, the student population is completely obsessed with sports. If that's your style, that's fine but you may feel left out if you're not in sports. Sports are everything in this community.
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I really enjoy how its not to populated, if you need one on one help its always there. If one thing can change about this school I would like to see more class options.
I feel completely safe at my school. I feel that if you put your self on the path to success the school and staff will help you get there, but if you have a rough life or make a few bad choices it turns against you. We are a small school so there are two main groups of friends the athletes and the non athletes, and it feels no one really waivers from that outside of school but we all get along and mingle during school hours. The staff is good, but a few of the teachers would rather handout huge assignments to learn on your own then actually teach a lesson. Our counselor does everything she can to get us what we need but sometimes it has to agree with what she wants for our lives. Overall I have had a good experience here but I would say I have learned the most from outside of the school walls.
I wouldn't want to go to any other school than this one, its so peaceful and calm and the teachers want the best for the students.
My experience throughout my entire high school career here at Julesburg High School, has been amazing. They have a tremendous atmosphere, the teachers, as well as us kids are always there to help whenever you need. Stay Fresh Julesburg.
Unlike schools around the area, Julesburg School District No. RE-1 takes the extra step in helping their students become successful. At this school, my favorite thing to do is participate in multiple extra curricular activities including music, band and sports. I love the personal connection our teachers strive to have with each and every student.
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