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I have enjoyed chamber orchestra which has recently placed sweepstakes for the year 2017-2018. I have also enjoyed the many academic challenges that have allowed me to excel in my studies and prepared me for college.
I would like to see more advanced courses in the sciences with emphasis on biology and chemistry.
Overall I had an amazing experience at Judson. There was a wide variety of clubs and students. However, I do feel as if the school itself is behind in academics.
I was a junior and senior (two years) at Karen Wagner High School. My experience was interesting because I was also new to the state but it was okay.
The school is alright an the teacher teaches alright and I graduated with Honor roll all year so I'll say the school is okay for even a new student from a different.
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I have graduated from Judson High School. High School here was very good experience for me. Yes there are ups and downs to every thing however here the goods outweighed the bad. There are so many opportunities to get involved in something. The school spirit is through the roof and the diversity at Judson High School is beautiful. It is hard for someone to feel excluded when there is a club or organization for nearly any thing. If you like books, if you like to knit, if you're into audio visual there is a club or organization for all of that. My experience was great and I believe I can speak on behalf of the rest of the students that over all we were proud to be Judson Rockets.
The Arts department need more materials and resources for theater arts and art students. They need more opportunities to improve their skills
Personally speaking, I felt most teachers were overwhelmed with the amount of students they had to deal with, resulting in most of them not really making an effort to teach further upon what they were required to, and lots of students not caring or trying harder as a result. Judson High School is severely overcrowded.
Judson High School is a school that is more focused on sports than academics. All the classes you take are focused on standardized tests. Test taking strategies are taught and reinforced. I do not feel as if I was prepared for college at all. I almost never studied for any of my tests and always passed. I do not feel as if there was any incentive to stay that is probably why so many students dropped out of the course of four years.
I have been with the Judson Independent School District since I was in first grade and now I am a senior at Judson Early College Academy. I have seen this district grow for the benefits of the students. But I have also seen its complications. Recently, I have not been very satisfied as they are trying to get rid of my high school. That school is excellent and received 7 stars for a few consecutive years. Besides that, it is a great district overall.
The teachers did not make it easy which was a good thing. It was very competitive in the classrooms. The faculty and staff were very aware. The district in sports was very competitive. The district overall had much competition from academics to sports overall. The environment felt safe.
I have been a student in the Judson Independent School District since I was in fourth grade and can honestly say that I have had a fairly decent experience throughout my grade school years within the district.
Too many people. Not enough classrooms. Teachers don't care what you do. Fights in hallway. Just didn't have a good time, the school only cared about the football program and didn't care about any of the other programs. Funding went to football team, new buildings sucked.
getting rid of teachers who dont effectively teach the students. Make teachers accountable. They are not always right because they are the adults
Judson is a good district and they have good classes they make sure you graduate and they make you feel at home
I like this school distric i just sometimes wish they would give the students a higher voice on whats going on around them. It is our life and we need to learn how to run it by ourselves.
What I like about Judson Independent School District is their activities they have at schools, involving everyone in them. What I dislike about Judson Independent School district is their consent press on getting everyone to go to College and the stress and pressure they give students on test or quizzes.
Teachers and staff are resourceful. The peers are great, I was able to learn and pass my SAT! Time for graduation soon.
I enjoyed Judson's athletic program. Also the teaching staff was very engaged with students, and seemed to have good student to teacher relationships. However I did not enjoy the food.
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I have been attending Karen Wagner high school since my freshman year and I must say it has been interesting. If you get to know the kids before any of the admin you will understand the fight the kids have been trying to fight for so long. Most kids just wanna be heard, others well have a worst idea of being heard but in the end its just miscommunication between the kids and adults.
Lately the kids have been put down and forced to shut up due to the recent female principal. She has not done a good job sine her appearance at this high school and record has it she had conflict with a student that had lead to a fight between her and the student. This new principal needs to understand that the student are progressive era trying retain as much as possible before the real world give them an unhappy welcome letter.
I was a new student at Judson High School this year, however I really enjoy the campus and the people in it. My first day at school I was nervous being a new student my senior year, but I made a lot of new friends my first day at school. My classmates were really friendly and are really helpful when it comes to studying.
it was very welcoming and organized i loved it. i think the only bad thing is that they need more high schools.
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