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I really like that they provide an iPad for all of their students because it makes it easier for them to access Canvas at anytime, and it also saves a lot of paper. I wish the counselors gave you more one on one time and did not rush their time with you. It would also be nice if they would update the seniors better on upcoming events and scholarship opportunities.
I loved being apart of the Juab School District. Something very special is the small town atmosphere that allows you to know everyone and participate in everything. So many opportunities are present to those in the district.
I absolutely love Juab High School! Being a part of a great community and small town gives us a million opportunities to do and become whatever we can dream up! I would like to see more change in the focus of the School District and technology. While learning on iPads has been great, I think students and teachers are becoming more accustomed to the fast paced networking and lenience of it all. This creates an environment of irresponsibility. I think we would have a lot less problems if teachers held students more accountable and went away with the requirement of iPads.
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Juab highschool isn't very professional.The teacher student relationships are too close.For example a students sex life or a teachers dating life.Things that shouldn't be discussed between a teacher & studet.Everyone's just to comfortable with eachother & theres no respect because of the small town relationships.I have hated my highschool experience at Juab because I don't have the "right connections".& don't even get me started on the religious aspect of school.Faith & education are supposed to be separate but not in a small LDS community.Seminary (LDS practice) is a class offered at Juab.My US history teacher has given his opinion on premarital sex due to his religious beliefs.Endless numbers of lds teachers have given examples in class that relate to LDS practice.The level of hate I feel for this school cannot be put into enough words.I highly recommend not going to Juab highschool unless you're a very well known and well liked Mormon family.
I loved everything about Juab School District. The only thing that could be improved is diversity but that's not able to change by changing anything the Administration is doing that will change if more diverse student move into town. The teachers are always willing to help you if you need it and everyone knows everyone so it turns into a more personable experience rather than just a student-teacher one. The teachers and staff cared about how we were inside and outside of school and I never felt out of place or unwanted by anyone who worked there. It is a very small town which can sometimes lead to negative things about the academics but I feel more prepared than some college students I know.
The Faculty there are always willing to help! I also love the activities they plan for students to be involved in!
I have absolutely loved my experience at Juab High School! The teachers are dedicated to every students and will help you not just get an A but also help you understand the concept you are learning. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school in the world. I love Juab!
Through my years, Juab School District I would say has been a great place to have a school. They are willing to help when needed. However when it comes to certain issues, it does at times seem as if they try to avoid it and but it on the back burner for it to be solved maybe at a more "convenient" time for them. I know not every school district is 100% , they do a really great job, work hard, and care for their students and teachers.
Juab could use a little help in the administration. They are for the most part able to help kids, but their money does not go to what is necessary to the school. The principal does not support all his employees with the amount of respect they should regardless of their rank in the education system. They do not support all of the coaches of the school activities and they let the students run the program instead of the coaches. They have good teaching and coaching staff in all areas. The teachers are great and they help everyone to what they need
A very community oriented school district with a desire to grow. They are friendly and kind and work to make sure every student has an opportunity to learn, grow, and be rewarded for their individual achievements.
Really good to attend because it's small but they still have everything needed to learn and enjoy ourselves while there
What I like about Juab is the equality. At Juab everyone is treated equally! Juab is known for its great sportsmanship and I think that our view of treating other the way they should be treated is so important. One thing I would change about Juab is the diversity. There aren't many at Juab who are different than one another. Of course we are all different in our own individual ways but there aren't very many different types of people at Juab.
I have had a great experience at Juab High School. I have been involved in many activities. I am able to be enrolled in concurrent enrollment and be able to get some of my college done while still in high school.
I love that the administration knows each student. We're small, so it's easier than in bigger schools, but it's the effort they make that is so impressive. I feel that they genuinely care about each of us.
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