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Jourdanton Independent School District Reviews

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If you are in a Special Education class you will be given extra time to study in every subject and also you'er child will be given help from the teacher.
Jourdanton ISD is a very welcoming place. People of all shapes and sizes have a place at Jourdanton. The academics at Jourdanton are some of the best in the county because the teachers care. My experience at that school was great. I was allowed to participate in many extracurricular activities at once and still be in the top percent of my class.
Jourdanton High School is a place where everyone knows everyone. My graduating class is about 90 people most of whom I have gone to kindergarten with. In the halls you can leave your stuff out knowing no one will steal or mess with it, that is just the type of place Jourdanton is. The teacher are amazing and always willing to help and cooperate with you.
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Jourdanton Isd is a great academic school. The education is top ranked in Atascosa county, along with sports and other UIL activities. Students really learn a lot during their time of being at school. After school the teachers allow one on one tutoring to help the students. The facilities are incredibly nice and clean to provide safety for the students. Everyone at Jourdanton ISD is a family and they take the students,faculty and parents needs very diligently. If you want your kids to attend a well educational school I prefer the Jourdanton Independent School District.
I've gone to Jourdanton since kinder. Its a small school my class was the biggest graduate class they've ever had, and there were 133 of us. The school focuses on the students and wants everyone to succeed no matter who they are.
Jourdanton ISD is a great school for a small town. It all depends on how much you are willing to put in. The more involved you are, the better your overall experience will be.
What I really enjoy about Jourdanton school is that the teachers are super friendly and always willing to help. If you are having problems understanding something or have questions about anything they are always willing to help you out! Jourdanton is a community that is always looking out for each. Students are friendly, drugs aren't an issue, and the High School works to help enhance the education of all its students.
Its a really great school , but the dress code is not that awesome. The classes are great , but some you don't even learn anything . Pre- Calculus is a good class and the teacher is great . The dress code is bad cause we always have to wear our shirt tucked in , belts on , and a ID. We can't wear holes in our pants , and only t-shirts type of shirts.
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