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I have learned a lot at JHS and they have given me and so many others the opportunity to take college courses during high school.
Joshua ISD is a very high achieving school. The students are very competitive when it comes to academics. Even though their scores are good, the school is quite strict. Because of this, it puts a damper on the time spent there.
Joshua has a really good academics program and is decent in everything else. Most of the staff are nice and helpful.
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I've attended the Joshua Independent School District my entire life. Since I have attended Joshua for 13 years I have encountered most of the learning opportunities they offer. Joshua believes very strongly that academics is top priority. They hire amazing teachers that are very eager to teach their kids and give them the best learning opportunity possible. I personally believe that Joshua is one of the best schools to attend and I would love you have my kids attend Joshua Independent School District.
I have been attending Joshua ISD for all 13 years (kinder through senior year) and have had nothing but happy memories. It’s a wonderful school, and of course there are things to work on like any other school, but overall I had a great experience.
Great staff and teachers, but administrators need to be completely changed. Old outdated ideas and beliefs that restrict current students from excelling.
I chose attend Joshua High School over the school in my district, because of it dedication to discipline and high standards. It has been a great experience! There is ample opportunity for each student to further their scholastic careers and be successful.
I enjoyed most of my teachers throughout my high school career, as well as my coaches. I would consider myself very knowledgeable and give credit to my past and current teachers who helped me become who I am today.
I have attended the Joshua Independent School District since kindergarten. This May I will graduate as a 13 year senior. Since I've attended Joshua, I have learned countless lessons that are necessary for the real world. The teachers are not only great resources for our studies, but they are also fantastic mentors that are willing to guide us through situations. However, one thing that I would change is the school spirit. But that does not come with the school, it comes from the students that attend it. Overall, Joshua Independent School District is fantastic.
Joshua ISD is a great school district for students who are preparing for college. The dual credit classes prepare students well and all teachers are willing to help you. Though there are many students in poverty, it gives the school character and the reminder that it is not all about the money.
Has the feel of a small town school but is a highly accredited school. Lots of options for career paths and overall a great school.
Very academic school but an awful football team so not much to offer if you have a child wanting to take the sport further.
Joshua school district is one of the best schools around. I moved to the district in fifth grade and one thing I remember distinctly is how shocked I was at how much each teacher and staff member cared about you. I was also amazed and all the opportunities the school provided to help you build a strong foundation and to guide us as we learn.
Joshua Independent School District is a great and good school goes to. Like a successful that in sports, dances, and others.
The Joshua Independent School District is very average. It provides opportunities for students who are primarily interested in the medical field. Unfortunately, aside from that, there is not much variety in the different careers it encourages and educates it's students about.
The elementary schools offer a lot to keep the kids involved, but classes offered in the high school are below par. Spanish is the only foreign language offered, and classes taught by coaches are often a joke. Many skills that should have been taught were not- very disappointing. The dress code is also bizarre. Boys are required to have hair that is above the eyebrows. If it is longer than it should be, the child spends the day in detention. Young men are also required to be clean shaven. What this means is that teachers spend time policing dress code issues instead of teaching.
Bullying is also rampant at the school, which is overlooked by administration. A few years back, a young man took his own life because of the bullying culture that occurs here. And because of the zero tolerance policy, if a child fights back in any way- to protect himself, both parties are punished.
They are one of the best districts in Texas. They have many awards for being great in academics. It might be a bit of compention on students but it prepares them for life.
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Everyone is great. Joshua ISD has an awesome academic program that helps students achieve their goals throughout later in life.
Joshua ISD is a school district that focuses on the students. There is always help provided if needed, and the teachers would typically work around people like me, who are involved in athletics and extracurricular sports. They understand we are busy, but still help us to find a way to get our work done while still being able to participate in our respective events. I moved to Joshua ISD from Cleburne ISD after my 5th grade year, and I am very glad I did. There is a huge difference, and I can't be more pleased with Joshua ISD schools.
I have enjoyed Joshua ISD. Overall the coaches, teachers, and staff have been really helpful. There is nothing I would change about Joshua ISD.
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