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I liked how involved the teachers were. The schools district was kind and always there to support us.
If the district came to our school to see the problems that are in our school, then they would want to fix them. When teachers report a problem or a want to fix something. It has to go through a long process where the teachers talk to administrators, then the principle. The principle will file a report to the district and the district will state the students don't need that. Except the district doesn't come into our school and realize what we need. They are too distant to help solve any problems in our school.
Jordan School District is amazing! It offers many sports and activities and its educational programs are exceptional. However, I am a part of the Herriman Mountain Bike Team and even though we have to pay fees for the Jordan School District, they do not support us in any of our activities. Often our races are a ways away and the District doesn't provide us with any buses. This makes it very hard and expensive for our coaches and players.
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I would like to see more of an enforcement on no bullying. Our school does okay, but we can do better.
The staff are very friendly, and personally haven't had any problems with teachers I have had. I feel its a very good thought diversity environment. There's always something going on that I can participate in at any time. My High School Experience At Copper Hills High has been Fantastic!
I attended my elementary school, middle school, and high school in Jordan School District and I felt that I had a great experience with teachers and quality of education. In high school I was able to take a lot of concurrent enrollment classes to help me be prepared for college.
I really loved all the teachers I have been with, they have been and is still there for when I need help. Most of are students are really great, but I would like a better dress code, or get the administration to catch more students, because we all can get away with basically anything. I love the main office, and counseling center, I always walk in with a smile on my face, they are always so happy. We should have a little more clubs that most people would be interested in. Such as, a movie club, everyone loves it! I really like the idea of getting a senior gift every year, it makes our school look amazing.
I attend Bingham High school and the school spirit is so high there. (We were rated #2 most spirited in the nation) I am also part of the Golden Gate Club - a club set on building friendships and making others feel included and it is spreading to other schools in the district. I can just feel so much love and care from teachers and fellow students. Our school has such a great way of providing thousands of students a way to participate. We have so many great clubs and sports and such great academic programs. We are a 5 star school with courses well prepared to help high schoolers for college. I love Jordan School District!
I go to West Jordan High School. I have been dealing with a lot of health problems and all of my teachers are really understanding and are helpful in trying to get me caught up so I can pass all of my classes at the end of the quarter.
I like how helpful the teachers are and the extra time to work on school work during MAP four days a week. There are way too many students in their schools. Even though they are building more schools, they need to build more; because after the new schools open they will still be crowded and over crowded quickly. They need to improve the quality of their school lunches. Their chicken tastes terrible and their breading tastes even worse.
I grew up in this school district and pursued my education since 1st grade.
However, I wish they would put more money into the middle and high schools instead of putting a lot of the money towards the elementary schools. The middle and high schools can use a little more resources regarding equipment, technology, etc.
I had some great teachers in Jordan School District. The teachers are what made me want to pursue a higher education. Also, there were a lot of charity and service opportunities that all students could be a part of. If there was one thing I would improve, it would be the relationships between students and administrators.
Jordan School District tries very hard to keep their students happy. We have experienced a lot of death in the past years at my school and Jordan School District has done a good job at keeping a positive environment. Although they are doing a great job at keeping a good emotional environment the education side of things could be more demanding, I want to be challenged through school in order to prepare for college but many classes are “easy A’s”.
I have been between three different school between my elementary and middle school days. It’s been nice to see how different each school can be even though they are in the same district. My parents disliked public schools and tried all my life to get me into a charter school. I enjoyed my middle school years, they were fun due to how many close friends I had and how good the education was at my charter school. The ideal charter school was what my charter school was like when I went to it. Sometimes rules were rules, and they would disappoint or irritate me while at school. Overall, my experience has been great and I love the diversity this district gives to every school that is a part of it.
I have loved everything about copper hills. there is always a very positive surrounding while you are there. the staff is very understanding and caring for the students needs. i have been very impressed by my high school experience.
Jordan School District overall was a great district out of the 2 I have been at. This was a very good drmistrict to graduate from, and hopefully my younger siblings enjoyed it as much as I did. Not to mention the amazing teachers they hire, who are always there to help, and the administration putting safety first with the students. Thanks Jordan School District for my amazing years there.
Jordan school district has a friendly environment, and awesome student body, and the teachers I have had the opportunity to have, have been able to help me understand the material they are teaching.
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It is a very good school district that has a strong staff and education system, but I will tell you right now that a snow storm with two feet of snow won't stop you from going to school, or running the mile in gym for that matter.
I liked the Jordan School District. It has great athletic programs and many good teachers who care about their students. I think a lot of focus goes into athletic programs rather than academics and arts programs.
I like my school and my teachers. Some teachers are good educators and some shouldn't have been hired. I think the administration does a decent job and they definitely have good parent communication. My school is old and broken-down and falling apart. There is mold on the walls and the elevator is rickety and terrifying to ride in. My school focuses more on sports than academics. Even though there is a lot I would change about Bingham, I still like going there and I have school spirit!
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