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Jordan Public School District Reviews

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I think the teachers and environment they create really helps facilitate growth and comfort among students.
I attended Jordan Elementary, Middle School, and High School. The town involvement, and environment is amazing. A new middle school was just built, with an attached rec building for the community. All sporting events are supportive and fun for all ages! Teachers are very approachable and engaging. They have many great methods to help students learn. I feel as though, their college (or plans for after highschool) readiness could be improved. The community and town is not very diverese, but has been growing yearly. JPS, is always striving to be the best in all areas of life. It’s the perfect small town, not far from the big city for your student to receive a great education.
It was a school that was very close together. Growing up, the same people were in your class every year so you got to know these people a lot. It would be nice to see the school branch out to an open campus.
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Jordan high school is a small high school but is more personal because of this. I participate in the band program and the teacher of said program is amazing at his job. I very much enjoy my schooling here.
My high school experience has been solid. I have enjoyed it and have been very successful, this school helped me with this opportunity.
I like the jordan school district put they are very over crowded and don't seem to have he finding available to provide students with a better school
And classroom environment. I would like to see over crowded school reduce their numbers to provid students with a more one on one learning experience. Teachers just don't have the resources to provide the best learning environment for their students.
I enjoyed most of my teachers in Jordan. They offered good programs. I did not like the school lunches.
Jordan High School is a great school with great staff and students. Jordan makes learning fun and learning easy. i think that jordan high school is one of the best high schools that someone could go to!
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