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Jordan-Elbridge Central School District Reviews

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I moved to the district at the beginning of my freshman year. I was pretty nervous to say the least but The students, teachers, staff & coaches were all very welcoming. I joined some clubs and some sports teams that year, and it was the best decision I ever made, because I have made some of my closest friends by being encouraged to do these things.
The Community and families are very involved and help the schools and students to better.
I really loved my all of my English teachers. They have helped me improve my writing skills immensely and I’ve created great friendships will them all.
I enjoyed how caring all of the teachers were always trying to push us to do our best, encouraging us to do well in our classes and helping us make the right decisions with college.
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Amazing small school community with caring teachers and many opportunities to excel! All students are given the options to take college courses through out their time at Jordan Elbridge. There are a wide variety of clubs and sports available to participate in. Their High School and Middle School have been ranked in the top of NYS for Music Education. Students are able to participate in sports, musical activities and clubs with ease. This provides well rounded college ready students b the time they reach the end of their senior year.
Jordan Elbridge gives all their students endless opportunities to succeed and take college courses. I am one of 5 people currently part of their new dual enrollment program with Onondaga Community College. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity that has allowed me to take college classes in my interests and given me a head start on completing my degree. Not to mention all the college courses will ultimately lead to an easy transition from High School to College. On the flip side due to recent regulations, the Track and Cross Country team have limited reasoureces on where we are allowed to run which makes training hard, and competition hard. The running teams have been banned from running on the road. Additionally recently the track team was not allowed to complete in our Indoor Secrional Championship meet that we had individual runners qualify for which was heart breaking for the program and our athletes who worked very hard to qualify.
This school is a close knit community. All the students recognize one another, and the teachers are very aware, and dedicated to the students education.
Jordan Elbridge is full of great people and everyone is very close. When you are down or sad there is always someone there to cheer you up whether they like you are not. Everyone is very nice and caring. Jordan elbridge also has a lot of great teachers who I have delevolped a great relationship with. Whenever I need help with my school work they always are offering extra help. They also do a lot for their students to ensure that they learn.
If I had to change something about Jordan Elbridge I would issue more community volunteering options and I would make it easier to rearrange others schdueles.
I like the small community and the opportunities offered for students and members of the community. People are very welcoming and everyone is offered with an equal opportunity. Many college courses are offered. The counselors however, are not very helpful with the application process and finding the right College for you.
I liked that Jordan Elbridge was a small school and everybody knew everyone. To be involved in sports was way easier than it would ever be at a bigger school. The teachers could help you one on one easier. The sporting facilities are well maintained and JE has good school spirit. There was many groups so just about anyone can find friends and fit in somewhere, so therefore nobody is left out without any friends. Students are much closer to each other than bigger schools.
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