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Joplin High School is a very pretty school. What I like most about it is the laptops that are provided for the students. This gives us an advantage into the technological world that is waiting for us outside of high school. I do feel, though, that the class curriculum is lacking. I didn't feel like I was very well prepared for the ACT or college prep like other schools around me. I had to study a lot outside of school for the ACT to catch up on the information deficit that was missing and wasn't instilled in me very well. I do realize that this is a public school, but I wish the education would have been a little better.
For the most part, I have had a pleasant experience with the Joplin school district. I have had wonderful teachers who I feel very comfortable talking to and asking questions to, for the most part anyways. The newer facilities, such as the high school, a middle school, and a few elementary schools are very nice and large. Of course, there are older facilities but they are not so bad.
The teachers are most generally friendly, but a decent number of students are rude and disrespectful. It is sad that students suffer this and sometimes do the inevitable but I wish to see students attitudes changed if at all possible, but I doubt it to be.
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The variety of coursework is great. The building is new and all of the technology tools are essential for learning in the 21st century. Most of the instructors are knowledgable about their subjects. A few teachers really do not know how to present the material and just say " Google It". I have liked the selection of the extra curricular activities offered- sports, clubs, and service organizations.
I have attended Joplin Schools for all twelve years and I think that it is a great place for kids to attend. We have laptops that are checked out to every student that allows us to learn more efficient. The only thing that I would change about the school district is that in the Joplin High school I wish that students were treated more like adults, rather than children. Besides that issue, I believe that the school is a great place.
The Joplin teachers are amazing, but the district can put the emphasis on the wrong things sometimes. I think they spent too much money on unused objects in the high school.
Joplin has a very good school district, but at times they have some choices that I don't agree with.
I would like to see more fairness in this school district because there are a plethora of rules that are very bias and more on girls rather than boys. At the high school we have had bugs crawl on our tables out of nowhere. Joplin High School while it is a great school it has a lot of downfalls. I have loved my many years in Joplin Schools, but there are for sure things I would change.
Personally, I enjoy going to school in Joplin. However, I take almost entirely advanced classes, so my experiences are not reflective of all students.
I am a senior at Joplin High School, and my experience in this school district has been excellent. The only catch to being a student in this school district is that once a student gets to high school they are expected to be self sufficient. Meaning time management, study habits, and taking charge of your learning is up to the student. They will not hold your hand, so make sure to ask for help when you need it. Overall I feel well prepared for college and the workforce because of my school district.
While they had good programs and there were some very excellent teachers in the school system, many of the administrators were very self-absorbed and many students got lost in the crowd at the schools, especially the higher they moved up.
It was a good experience I guess you can say I learned a lot but the one thing I would change is the fact that sports control the school and it's really hard to get funding for a club or organization.
The Joplin School District receives 3 stars from me. They have had some issues with teachers over the years. They do seem current on technology and have newer equipment due to the 2011 tornado.
I have been in the Joplin Schools since Kindergarten. All of the memories of my friends that I have gone to school with for 12 years and still some of my best friends. The Administration and the Teachers always put the students first and that makes me feel special. Being a "SURVIVOR" of the Joplin Tornado, brought our community closer together, starting with all the students in the district. They all put the students needs first and still do so. That is why I am graduating at the top of my class have completed all the AP/DC classes that they offer and have been involved in numerous academic clubs, class president, FB homecoming queen, started on the Varsity Volleyball team and JHS Class President for 4 years! With the support from my Joplin School community, I would not be where I am today. Also, a shout out to my Parents for always supporting me in all my activities!
Joplin Schools is a tight-knit community that gives its student several educational opportunities. The high school, especially, has a close relationship with MSSU, the nearby university. This allows students to experience some college classes.
I have had 2 children graduate from the school and I'm very happy with how they have turned out. One is banker and the other is going to school. They are very happy with their lives. I appreciate their readiness for real life. I would tell anyone to transfer to Joplin high school for their children.
What I like about Joplin High School is that it gives us the option to take a lot of DC and AP classes. This gives students the chance to get a head start for college.
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I'm a senior and I have to say there is a lot that I would change and I really didn't like how some of the staff treated students but the majority of the staff members were awesome and I got along with most of my teachers very well. I however do wish the work load wasn't so strenuous and I wish that I didn't sacrifice my mental and sometimes my physical health over assignments and grades.
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