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It has been fun at Jonesville schools. I have went here since 5th grade. It is like any other school it is what you make of it. I played sports and was in FFA. I feel I received a good education at Jonesville.
They have been good with bullying and care about their students. Listen to the parents if their child needs iep help and with selecting teachers.
Personally, I love my school! The best thing about Jonesville Community Schools is, if you need help or want to talk to someone all staff memebers are there to help! Any staff memeber would love to take the time out of their day to help a student. I feel safe when i walk into my school and its a fun place to be. There are so many opportunities to be apart of the schools between clubs, sports, activities, and groups. There is always something to look forward to with Jonesville Schools.
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The teachers, at Jonesville High School are really nice and very helpful throughout the school year. When it comes, to College they are very involved and they care a lot for us to go to college. Also, they push us to go to college and let us decide what we want to do. I do no, want to change anything about Jonesville High School, because I have had a wonderful experience going here.
Great school! The teachers and staff are really helpful and supportive with anything and everything. Most are always willing to help you out as best they can.
Jonesville was a great place to go to school; I was a 12-year student and really enjoyed it. It is a small school in a small town, but I do not feel that I missed out on any experiences. I enjoyed most of my classes and was made ready for college. The teachers really care about each student's education.
Small community and tight bonds, with teachers that act just like family during hardships.
They have a nice environment that is kept clean and learning friendly.
The work they could use is a new guidance counsellor that is focused on helping students get to their end goal and to assure they are following their dreams, not his.
I like that once I apply to on scholarship is recommends other to apply too its very helpful and i also like that the scholarships are easy to find. Would recommend to all my senior friends!
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