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Been in the Jonesboro distract all my life, so I grew up with the same people since. The school let us have a voice, and let us decide on choices for our school. They really try their best to make sure you're getting the help you need. One thing I would change about it; is that their kinda strict about things.
My experience at Jonesboro School District was amazing. I received so many wonderful learning opportunities through them, I was able to get involved in several clubs and activities and I was even able to work on my leadership skills and communication skills. While attending the Jonesboro School District, I grew to love my classes, peers and facilitators. Something I loved about Jonesboro school district would be taking AP classes which could help you to challenge yourself, many competitive events, wonderful resources and role models and also having different people to believe in you and help you to succeed. Something I want to see improved is ACT in the classroom, maybe as a study hall or something instead of as a bellringer or weekend thing( in high school). Other than that, I had an amazing experience with this school district.
The Academies of Jonesboro High School is a great school. Jonesboro facility are there to help you through all your struggles. The teachers at JHS make sure that you have a great education. This school will make sure that you are successful. They want the best for you no matter what. They have all the resources you need to be successful.
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Nice staff members, Everyone cares, and throughout my high school life, every teacher or staff member has helped me through the best of my ability.
I was born and raised in Jonesboro School District. Their diversity and originality is what makes them different from other districts. Their standard is above average than any of the other districts around. Jonesboro School District goes above and beyond to make sure their student are well tooken care of.
Hi. My name is Lauren Tucker. I am currently enrolled at ASUN in Jonesboro Arkansas. The environment here has always been great to me. Everyone is so friendly, they will be there anytime you need help finding a class or getting your schedules. But likewise, I would recommend taking college courses at ASUN in Jonesboro Arkansas because of there intelligent and respect, cheaper than most colleges, and has great programs to choose from. Thank you.
Magnet elementary schools which are pretty cool as you can choose what interests you. Most high school teachers great and willing to help. Plenty of clubs and extracurriculars
I had an amazing experience at JPS. There's so many routes you can choose from the vocational tech program to as many ap classes you want to take to get you college ready also offering concurrent credit classes. JPS ranks in the top ten the nation in sports, we win in just about everything bringing in numerous state championships. We have a saying that excellence is our standard. That is what we are about the JPS district.
They have awesome choices for elementary schools that have their own theme. So not only do the teach the children their curriculum, they also get to participate and learn about what ever theme their school is. Examples are health wellness and environmental studies, math and science, visual and performing arts, or micro Society. The middle schools are both great schools. They help the children prepare for high school and help them to start think about what they need to focus on for college. The high school gives the young adults/ teens a great opportunity for studies and even skills for their future. They offer a variety of courses in Tech center to get them started on their dream jobs. They have an awesome athletics program with several state championships under their belt. The Jonesboro public schools give your child a good quality education.
They offer a very intensive curriculum while preparing students for post secondary schooling and jobs.
I am a senior, I've been going to the Jonesboro school district since the 9th grade. I love it, the teachers are magnificent at their job and will help you with any problem in or out of school related. We have all kinds of culture that goes here and we treat each other like family we support everyone especially in sports.
Jonesboro School District is filled with teachers that'll help you grow and learn. They also have students that you can become great friends with. I've been a part of Jonesboro School District since the age of 5 and I wouldn't change to any other district.
Best school in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Great education, and amazing athletics program! Everyone here is so nice and treats you like family! Highly recommend attending school here!
I love how big the college campus is compared to the high school I attended. The people here are so nice and helpful, and I have so much freedom!
I am currently newly enrolled as a Astate nursing student. The staff have been very helpful and nice in the admission she process and getting me familiar with everyone I need to associate with.
At Jonesboro school district there are many great things. You are given so many different opportunities to become whatever you want. The teachers and faculty staff are wonderful. I would like too see more of getting involved with our older citizens.
I loved how good the school was about providing opportunities for the students. They worked hard to keep kids on track so that they would be ready for college as well as success. The teachers were all kind and supportive. I always felt motivated and encouraged to do my best and I contribute a lot of it to my school district and the wonderful people who keep it a safe and friendly environment.
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Best school district in Arkansas! All the magnet schools, junior highs, and the high school offer nothing but the best to all of their students.
I actually enjoyed being in the district, they have a variety of ways to teach the rest of the students that are taught differently. They also like to have culture nights which was very interesting.
Great! Everyone is there to help you succeed in life. The push you to be the best you can be. No matter what you will always have atlease one or two teachers here standing behind you .
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