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When I was in elementary school I was diagnosed with a reading disability. Because of some great teachers I learned how to compensate for my disability. If there was anything that I would improve with Jones County Schools, it would be to provide more resources for reading disabilities.
My experience with Jones County high school has been mixed, Jones County puts their priority in sports rather than education. Other than that its a decent school.
this school system is full of amazing teachers and gives outstanding learning opportunities. The only downfall to the system is if you do not go to the same elementary school or middle school you will enter high school not knowing some of your classmates because you have never seen them before.
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The school puts education first. It is amazing to see a school strive for their students the way they do.
Jones County was alright. Nothing but blacks & whites, zero diversity whatsoever. White people were racist. They cared way too much about football, completely abandoned other sports.
Jones County was a good school for me. The teachers were great and very helpful. They made me feel encourage and empowered each day through their words of encouragement. It's important to students when they know that their teachers are motivating them to be their best.
Due to it’s small town, Jones county schools is a very friendly environment and they love to create activities for students and faculty to have enjoyable experiences!
I love all of the Jones county schools. These schools have very nice teachers and staff. Teachers know all of the content they are teaching and will help students when they are not understanding something. I am glad that I had the opportunity to go to Jones county schools.
Jones County is a great school system. The schools are all close together and work great together. The community supports all the schools to help the children of the county. Jones County supports and accommodates each teacher on a personal and group level to ensure the academic achievement of their students.
My entire family has gone through JC school and have had pretty okay results. I am currently enrolled at The University of Georgia studying biology. However, my last two years of high school i took only college classes and was not on campus most of the time. My counselors were also very dodgy and not always there.
Jones County has a great program.They staff care about the student's and they keep the parents well informed
I experienced a lot at Jones County. I had challenging class that made me strive to become bette with my academics and had fun while doing it.
Jones county has a great school system. The teacher are very concerned about the students and our education. Since Elementary schools I have always had great teachers that helped me become the intelligent young lady I am now. Jones county schools tries their best to mold us into young adults and prepare us for college and the real world. They have many pathways and classes that prepare us for our future careers. They might not be the number one school in Georgia, but they are the best school in the area I live in. All my years at jones county have benefited me in one way or another. I am glad that I attend jones county high school for the last 13 years, because I wouldn't probably be who I am now if I went somewhere else.
Overall, my experience was very good. I made good friends and had a few AMAZING teachers. I participated in the wonderful and involved drama class/club who hosted poetry slams that brought many students together. However, a change I would like to see is discrimination towards the girl's dress code.
Jones County High is an awesome school to go to academically. The teachers are always willing to help you when they see the potential in you. The school needs to give out more scholarships. I ran track and only one track Scholarship was giving out. The school needs to put more money in having different types of programs to help kids find their passion in life. Also, when having Banquets, breakfasts, dinners , and etc more effort, time, and money needs to go into it. Over the following years these types of events have been very cheap looking.
I graduated from Jones county high school. I have attended schools in the Jones county district since primary school. I would definitely recommend for anyone to attend any school within the district.
excellent school willing to do whatever it takes to help students be successful!AMAZING campus to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome no matter who you are .
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Its in a great area. I really like it bc it gives people a chance to thrive and put their talents to good use
The teachers are very helpful, and they help you set goals to get you out and successful in your college career.
What I liked about Jones County High School was the teachers. They were so helpful and they take students education serious. But i would love for them to have more career tech programs.
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