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I love the school that I go to,Northeast Jones, it has been my home for close to 5 years. The staff is patient, the principals are so loving and down-to-earth, and the student body is one of the most involved compared to the other schools in the county.
Jones County Junior college, what can I say ? AMAZING ! The atmosphere, the environment, the people, and of course the many choices of degrees to lead you on the path to your dream career. From peers to professors you can always find a smile on their faces accompanied by a helping hand. The teachers and falculty at JCJC aim to provide all the recourses a student needs to succeed. Sports are a big deal at our school and you can find everyone supporting our Wildcats in the stands every game night. We have a diverse range of food options including “the Grill”, where you can get yourself a tasty burger and homemade southern dishes. We have many groups and organizations that make our school a top notch college of South Mississippi !
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Attending Jones was a great experience. The food is good, the professors are understanding, and the school is affordable. There is, however, limited parking space.
My experience is a group of teachers who don’t prepare students for life. The academics are also unsupervised and some are useless in retrospect.
The teachers and counselors are very helpful and guide you. I wish they offered more tutoring classes for the advanced subjects.
I've had a good high school experience. I have enjoyed my experience on the varsity soccer team perhaps the most. I learned how to operate as a part of a team and how to cope with success as well as disappointments. I have met coaches and fellow players whom I will treasure as friends for the rest of my life. I feel like there could be some improvements in the area of college readiness, however.
Attending Jones is like getting a larger family away from home. Everyone is like family and it is a safe and friendly environment.
I would change the strictness on irrelevant things , such as dress code. They waste so much energy on what I have on then what I’m learning and being taught. Also the teachers have an “at the end of the day I don’t care what happens too you “ attitude .
Jones county school district is very diverse. You have west, south, and northeast. The schools are full of different clubs and sports teams. The staff and faculty prepare students for college and make sure everyone stays on track.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere it made me feel as though I was meant to be there. While I was there I really enjoyed how nice everyone was
Jones County School District has always provided me with a very safe and encouraging environment to study.
Jones is an amazing place to grow, meet new people, and gain an excellent education. I have been able to gain so many skills that I will take with me where ever I go next.
I absolutely love the Jones County School District. We have high test scores and the people in the district are diligent with their jobs.
I haven't been a student very long, but the staff is very lazy when it comes to your enrollment. Activities and fun they are all for it, but when it come to the important stuff they seem to not care at all.
Great school district with great teachers and staff. Jones county really cares about their students and what they do. Will help in any way they can for the students to become successful
Loved the teachers! District administration should really think about the value in Agriculture Education, though!
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Well I'm not going to lie I believe the city schools are worse than the county but they're trailing by men very few. I do not believe these girls are living up to the potential like they used to and then us as citizens of Jones County are suffering as a whole
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