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A close-knit community of teachers of peers. Teachers know their students on a person basis and know what works bets for them. It is very evident that the staff try their hardest to be available to, and provide extra assistance to, any and all of their students. Excellent high school.
I love this school. The teachers are very good and very nice. They will help you with anything you need as long as you ask. The principles of all the buildings are amazing and are always working hard to keep school a fun safe environment. The guidance conselours at the High School are absolutley amazing and are trying to get you to do the best you can with your future. Everyone is always on the ball.
Alder is a small district with less money, so a student may not get as thorough an education as at bigger districts like Hilliard or Dublin. However, the teachers here generally do a great job of making do with what they have and enabling students to become bright, successful adults, as shown through the many extracurriculars here. All of the athletic teams have achieved beyond our conference on multiple occasions. Academic clubs continue to grow in membership every year. I personally was heavily involved in the performing arts, and many of the changes that took place during my years (and even ones I had a hand in) have led the department to become as favored in the community as athletics and academics. Alder is not perfect in terms of social behavior or diversity, but I think the positive learning experience available in this district is not diminished by such. Overall, I would definitely recommend Alder to a family looking for a place to educate their children.
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Jonathan Alder school district. Their classes are around 250 students. Not diverse at all: everyone is either a farm kids or in a family neighborhood or in trailer parks (mostly all white). There is, however, a benefit to the small school style, as many of my teachers remember your older siblings and are always so giving with their time to students. I've always been surprised with the amount of high academic classes we have for such a small school: many students are very motivated and hard working. There is a wide variety of sports and clubs to be involved with; they may not be the most-well attended, but there will always be a group there that will enjoy sharing in their passions. Bullying has never been a problem that I was aware of. I love our school spirit: accepting of new comers, kind, and motivated to do well. The administration feels like part of your family, as they will always make time to listen to your problems, want the best for you, and set you straight.
the teachers are above average there are mostly white people and the gifted programs are under average with little school funds going to anything else than sports and giving teachers salary, the music part of school is average. And the food is kinda bad
Throughout high school I had my ups and downs but ill never forget the friends I met. Tue teacher and coach are very helpful. Everyone there wants to see you succeed. It was a great experience and I would to bring kids back to this school later in the future.
I can name 2 teachers I’ve encountered in all of high school that actually seem to care about what they do, and care about their students and not just grades. The building is always freezing, which doesn’t make sense because it’s more expensive. The principal, very few select teachers, lunch ladies, and custodians are all wonderful people. Teachers as a whole are insensitive to students lives outside of school.
My experience at JA is most ply positive. Most of the teachers deeply care about the wellbeing of their students and their success. The athletics at Alder are fantastic, and while I do not play many sports, the players always seem to have fun and do well. While the facilities and resources are okay, the teachers and administration make the best of them to give the students a great experience. With support from Tolles Career & Technical Center, students can focus on STEM and graduate with certifications in fields such as IT or engineering. I would love to see a better auditorium in the future to showcase the talent in the music and theater programs, both students and directors.
Jonathan Alder High School is a good choice if you want a reputable and well-rounded education. The reason I didn't rank 5 stars was because they lack in extra-curricular clubs to get involved in that aren't sport related.
This school is very friendly and the very best. Friends are easily made and most teachers are great and willing to help all students out. The sports are phenomenal. Safety is always a top priority for the school and so is college preparation. There are great counselors to help all of the students out with anything at anytime. The only thing that needs to be changed is the food. It is sometimes over or under cooked and is not the quality like it should be.
I like the small community of people and you get to know everyone and make a lot of friends. I wish that they had more class options on what electives you could take.
For years, Jonathan Alder has provided me with an excellent academic program. I have always been challenged in the classroom while still feeling comfortable in pursuing a higher education. My teachers have pushed me outside my comfort zone while accompanying me through every valuable mistake. The teachers and staff provide authencity and value to this school district. In addition to academics, the atmosphere is very sociable and inviting. I admire fact that Jonathan Alder is a smaller school district because it allows the teachers to have a personal relationship with their students. However, this school offers limited classes. Having classes such as early childhood education, nutrition, and personal finance would benefit this school district greatly.
I enjoyed how awesome the teachers were. However the lack of diversity, and education on diversity was something that I would like to see changed.
I loved the teachers in the school district. They made learning fun and interesting for me and for the class. I wasn't popular in class, but I learned just as well. Something I would like to see changed is noticing signs of depression and making parents aware of these situations. I isolated myself , and my grades dropped because I wasn't performing as a healthy teenager. I also believe that school should start later in the morning, and the health benefits of getting an extra hour or two may have changed the outcome of my experience in high school.
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