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Johnstown-Monroe Local School District Reviews

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I enjoy the family dynamic among students. My only concern is the small student body has no diversity. It is not a realistic representation of the real world in regards to different types of people.
All the teachers are friendly, helpful, and will do anything to help the students. The only thing I would wish to change about the school is how plan the walls are. I hope the school places more artwork on the walls.
I liked that you can join any activity (such as band) and not be judged or have a label placed on you. I do, however, wish that Johnstown would look at their bullying policies and try to find ways to improve those policies.
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I had an amazing experience with this school! They have a great faculty for students and visitors with a well bonded community!
My experience at Johnstown Monroe High School was very fun and entertaining i played football my freshman and sophomore year. there was a great and wonderful coaching staff and great facility. my junior and senior year i threw in track and field. there was a wonderful coaching staff and they helped you strive for greatness. the school is a beautiful facility. we just got a brand new school and we all love it. the staff at Johnstown Monroe are great people they want to help you succeed and help you with whatever you need. they also have a couple teachers that help tutor you if you need help on homework or whatever it is.
There is something very special about the Johnstown community. Whether everyone is coming together to cheer on the sports teams or in support of a fellow community member, we can always find family in each other.
Johnstown-Monroe is a part of a well rounded community. You can count on feeling at home while in this town, yet the school system is a different story. Over the course of 4 years, i have had only 2 teachers that i feel have prepared me for the next level of education. Our school system allows for us to retake tests until we receive a good grade which promotes failure. if you’re child wants to attend a school and has a passion for various activities, this is the place to go. as far as academics, i do not recommend sending you’re child here.
The band is by far the best part of this school. The choir is pretty good but the director definitely plays favorites. The academics are good except some select teachers don't know how to adapt to different ways of learning and teach straight out of the book.
Johnstown-Monroe schools has a very poor administration system. There is little to no organization in the schools and the facilities are falling apart.
Johnstown-Monroe School District is a great place for students to go learn and participate in after school activities. The Big Red Band, that all students are eligible for, is a great after school activity that helps further a students education and helps create life long friendships.
This school is not supportive of disabled children, they are actually blameful of uncontrolled behavior in these children. This school is not diverse and the kids are targeted who are minority. They do not follow disability plans per state guidelines. Terrible school district and the superintendent is an unprofessional liar.
The faculty at the school is amazing, the teachers want to see the students succeed. They try just about everything to help a student meet a goal.
I liked the sense of close community that Johnstown-Monroe has and maintained throughout the years. They are growing so fast and trying their best to keep up with population growth. They have just a built a new elementary school and are in the process of building a new High School. For a small, poor town, they have grown so much over the years.
I definitely loved Johnstown for the small hometown feel and being in the band and choir, which are both very popular programs. I believe that Johnstown could improve a lot by bringing in newer teachers because there are some teachers there that do not teach their class well but they get to stay there because of tenure. Also, the guidance counseling staff is not the most helpful for what I feel like it should be at a high school in order to support students in their everyday emotions to exploring and selecting college(s). I wouldn't say that Johnstown prepared me for college academically but being in the band and choir surely made it a memorable time for me.
The Johnstown community is great. It was an awesome place to grow up. I think the only thing I would change is that homework should count as part of our grades and there should be no reassessing test.
There are some great teachers here. I've learned many things but the school board and the school itself is not that good. The board doesn't really understand what the students actually need and want in their education. The schools, which a new high school is currently being built, are very old. The will never turn on the ac in the summer so the school is basically an oven in the heat and the unwillingly turn on the heat in the winter. It's on enough so that it's slightly warmer than it is outside but it's still cold on the inside.
My time at Johnstown-Monroe high school were some of the best years of my life i ad a great experience. I would not trade my time here for anything. The teachers truly are there to help you succeeded in school and in your life.
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I have gone to Johnstown for elementary school, middle school, and now high school. All of the teachers are so nice and loving to the students. Even though we do not have the nicest or most advanced equipment or materials the teachers do their best to teach us what we need to know to succeed in life after high school. Are athletics are fairly good and all the coaches love the kids and want to see each and every one of them succeed.
The teachers were rude and they didn't help you as much as they could, renovations to the school made it feel gross.
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