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There are adequate college level classes, but certainly there could be improvement. Adding an SAT Prep class would be a valuable addition for college bound students. Fiscal managment could be improved.
Overall, an okay school to graduate from. There was not a lot of diversity and realistically the school served a lot of socioeconomically depressed individuals which means it had to deal with lots of bullying and insolent children, but they did their best and if you had your head on straight, they had many resources for you to succeed in school and in college.
Johnstown City School District was a welcoming place but the education was sub par. I️ never felt like I️ was being prepared for college, I️ was only trying to get a good grade. There were no SAT prep classes and there were not enough AP classes. When applying to colleges I️ never felt as if I️ was on the same level as other student because they had more educational opportunities at their school. Johnstown needs to focus on making the education better for students so that they can feel like they have a chance when it comes to applying for colleges.
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I liked how the teachers all seemed to work to try to prepare students for the future. I wish that the school would improve their food, as most of the time the food was very expensive for just a small amount of food given. High schoolers need more food than 4 chicken nuggets a bun and some vegetables.
I felt that the school is well maintained and there is a high level of respect between teachers and students. I like the small class size and extra help if you need it . It is a nice school.
My educational experience within the Greater Johnstown School District, Johnstown, NY was exceptional. I was well prepared for my first year of college. I received a 3.7 at Nazareth College my first semester and am presently earning a 4.0 at midterm.
The Johnstown School District provides the resources, dedicated teachers and staff, and an amazing community relationship. All of these qualities make for a quality learning environment that is inclusive not only of all students but also in the needs of each student educationally, socially and preparedness for the future.
Johnstown School district is exactly the environment I would want not only to teach in but one which I would want my own children to attend.
When I first was enrolled to Johnstown High school I was very nervous, but my transition from middle school to high school became easy due to the caring characteristics of the staff at JHS. Since Johnstown High School is very small, the relationships that are built between teacher and student are long lasting and extremely beneficial to students. I always know that if I ever need anything, my teachers will be there to help. Although the atmosphere is very caring and supportive, there are drawbacks concerning the education received and the diversity in the school. I wish that the administration could apply harsher standards for the way teachers graded and taught in our school. I also would love to see more diversity in not only the student body but in the way that the students are introduced to certain ideas concerning our community and our world. I hope that one day our school can grow and create an even better atmosphere for students to come.
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