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None of the schools have been updated in decades. The only thing Johnston public schools has to offer is chromebooks to every student. The schools themselves are worn down, not properly heated, and outdated. The bathrooms are barley ever cleaned and students are lucky to find one sink that works in the high school.
Johnston has amazing traditions including the float parade, homecoming and battle of the classes. The school comes together for special events like movie nights, dances and sports/clubs. The teachers and faculty are approachable and willing to help. The students are usually willing to try new things that involve the school.
Johnston Public Schools is a great system for students to be a part of. I myself was a student my entire life and thoroughly enjoyed the teachers, and environment. It was a very close knit community that truly cares for its students and their families.
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Johnston Public Schools is okay. It's a safe place to go and raise your children. The high school however, I feel doesn't do enough to help the students.
Not many teachers are supportive, and few really know and/or are passionate about what they teach. Many teachers simply assume that their students are understanding the material and move way too fast. The new administration is unnecessarily strict.
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