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A lot of the students within the Johnston County Public School systems don't see them very highly. If you're in Honors or AP/IB classes (speaking for High School) then you'll have a positive experience. If you're in Standard classes, then you won't receive much from the schools.
Johnston County Schools is a great school system that offers challenging coursework and rigor in the curriculum. I have experienced teachers that are loving and caring about the whole child. The district has made a lot of changes in the last couple of years that seem to be more student focused and offer students a variety of options in the schools. there are also options for students to complete high school in non-traditional ways while offering them the opportunity to attend schools outside of their communities based on their career interest in the future.
I like the sense of community between the schools. I like how they offer different curriculum paths for every student because not everyone is the same. The staff is friendly and everyone wants to see their students succeed. I especially like that high school students are offered free college credit through the college career promise program with Johnston Community College.
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I enjoyed the diversity in the schools amongst students and teachers. Throughout not only high school, but elementary and middle school too, teachers worked with you and did everything they could to make you successful. Whether you were a student that learned through lecture, worksheets, hands-on activities or reading the information, teachers made sure everyone's needs were met. Not only did teachers support you in the classroom, but if a student played a sport or was in the band they supported you in that as well. Most of our teachers try to create a personal relationship with the students and view them as a person, not as "someone in their class".
If it wasn't for the fact that South Johnston is filled with amazing individuals then I wouldn't be giving it five stars. I would have gave it one maybe two stars not because its personally a bad school Its the teachers in it. The teachers display nothing not even a inch of caring for the students and its not just South Johnston its all of the Johnston County District. The fact that these teachers don't even care to help their students is saddening they expect us to know how to do calculus when most of us don't even know how to do simple division. Anyway my overall experience was okay not the best just okay and I hope they improve our schools and make them somewhat better for future students.
teachers are rude and use poor language. they have no control over students. if you plan on actually learning, good luck. you can't even hear the teacher most of the time.
We need more resources, such as class materials like textbooks, class sets of novels, etc. Students at the Early College should also have access to sports, band, or JROTC through the school system. We have the opportunity to take college classes through JCC to earn credit towards a degree while still in high school, which is good, and the athletics and band programs are generally well funded for those who can participate. However, many of the older school buildings are dirty and in disrepair and they need fixing.
I like many of the teachers in JCS. Most of the faculty care for their students and want to ensure they are okay. The schools overall are okay. However, I would like to see a crack down on bullying.
I like that my school, Cleveland High School, is a nice, clean, new school. We don’t have to worry too much about safety and the scheduling of the schools tend to be nice.
Johnston County is a small community. It's easy to make friends with people who don't even attend your school.
At sporting events, the players have a good sense of sportsmanship and the coaches are respectful to their players and opposing coaches and players.
I enjoyed growing up in Johnston county, the school system and community have made me into the strong minded, and determined young woman I am today.
I have been in the Johnston County School system for going on eight years. I have not had any bad experience with this school system but I would recommend it to other families looking for schools to enroll their child in.
The teachers and staff care about the students and they have a whatever it takes attitude to ensure that we are successful. I had some learning challenges but I was never made to feel like I was less than or different by my teachers. I will forever remember the impact many of them had on my life.
Cleveland high is a great environment to be in as a kid. There are so many options and pathways to take while in high school which sets you up for college. One thing I loved the most, while in high school you can also attend the local college (JCC) and take classes their as well. These classes will transfer to any college and will get you a head plus the classes are cheap.
The school system is very good at keeping the students in the schools safe. I would like to see the school system have a view on different school functions other than sports.
Teachers were lovely and dress code was nice, but assistant principals was horrible! Food was nasty and a lot of favortistm with students. Unecessary classes.
I would like to the the racism to change in benson because they are very discriminating against Hispanics or races other than white.
In the atmosphere of Johnston County Public schools, I feel there are several issues that need to be adjusted. There are several areas in which I feel I am unsafe traveling to school because there are constantly threating coming upon Corinth Holders. As I am preparing to finish out my senior year, I feel like there is so little that we as students are able to do to change things around here.
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I really do not know what i like there is not much to like about it.I would like to see a lot of things change like the clayton high school old building needs to be rebuild and the bathrooms need to be cleaned more and our school lunch needs to be better.
I have been a student in Johnston County Schools my entire school career. The education is subpar and disdainful. The way the school system is set up it is emotionally and physically draining on a child and does not prepare you for real-life situations. Johnston County Schools should have better academics. It seems that the schools focus more on agriculture instead of other real-world jobs.
My experience with Johnston County Schools was an incredibly negative one. As a school district, they pride themselves in claiming to help students prepare for life, meanwhile they refuse to address any serious issues that the students face.
For example; my sophomore year I was inappropriately touched- unwillingly- by another student. The administration didn't even report it. The incident was brought to the attention of the school by my father after I called him bawling from a school bathroom. The teachers push their political views on students and are only ever focused on the sport teams versus their lesson plans.
If you have the choice between sending your kids to Wake County Schools, or Johnston County Schools - ALWAYS pick Wake County.
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