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Johnston is a great school district full of teachers who care. I’d like to see teachers be compensated even higher for their work because most spend twenty plus hours beyond the school week preparing for class.
Johnston has been a great place for me to grow as a student, and I am so thankful for all of the extra academic and extra-curricular opportunities the staff have provided me with throughout my time there. The environment welcomes all sorts of learners.
I have loved going to Johnston and can’t wait to continue my studies in the future. They offer a variety of classes and awesome teachers, who are caring and awesome. Each teacher brings a new and diverse aspect to the classroom and knowledge that sticks. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The school district is accomplished in a lot of aspects and a great place and experience for everyone.
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Johnston is a town with a lot of growth. That growth provides positive opportunities for the school district. They have been able to update or build new buildings needed for the district. In the last couple of years they have added on a new state of the art high school. They have completely remodeled the 8/9 building and an elementary building. All this growth is necessary to accommodate families moving into the district. They are drawn to the district because of outstanding teachers, programs, facilities.
Johnston High School was excellent regarding academics opportunities. They had block times so students could spend adequate time in certain classes, so they could advance farther in math and science. They also partnered with Central Campus downtown for other learning opportunities for example film art. They also worked with DMACC campus, so students could take college courses and earn college credits. This was advantageous especially when planning your college experience and trying to get into college programs you wanted to pursue. It also allowed for relief from a financial burden of college.

The culture of the school is one of upper middle class, so it can be difficult if you were of middle or lower class to fit in. The school has large class size so athletics can be very competitive and time consuming.
One thing I like most about the Johnston Community School District is how committed they are to their students. I first open and enrolled from the Des Moines school district to Johnston about 3 years ago, and ever since my experience has been nothing shy of excellent. All of my teachers in Johnston are so amazing. Everyone in Johnston has been kind, helpful, and supportive in my learning.
The brand new high school building is really nice. The new building brings in new ideas for student/teachers and new ways to learn. The new building also brings in rules that are usually frowned upon among students/staff. For example posters are not allowed to be hung on bare walls and teachers aren't allowed to open their windows. The new school has also erased traditions, like the handprints on the canvas for graduating seniors.
I loved being a part of the Johnston School District. It is a wonderful school system with beautiful schools, amazing teachers, and great opportunities. I was able to excel both academically and socially thanks to the nurturing and caring learning environment provided by the Johnston Community School District.
Its ok maybe a bit over the top with security but i guess its a decent school. Not a lot of people to talk to because everyone is so stuck up and the teacher arent very helpful and cruch any individuallity student have.
Very good academically but student issues like drug use and drunk driving need to be addressed in upper level grades
Great education, but the social atmosphere is toxic to any developing teen. I truly felt I was given ample opportunities to excel with my knowledge and the course actually prepared me for college. The families and people that attend Johnston are extremely rude and being bullied wasn't uncommon. Multiple suicides happened within the time I was attending and I understand why.
Johnston high school is very populous and generally welcoming place. It has a wide variety of class options in fields ranging from common core as far as engineering, tech and the arts. It’s well known for its sports teams and its show choir/marching band and has a generally lively school spirit. It’s students and faculty are not very diverse, however the community is welcoming to people if all backgrounds. Teachers at the school can be both professional and fun with their subjects, so students will not be caught in the mundane from period to period. Clubs and Activities at the school are mostly student-lead but there are teachers and coaches for supervision and management as well. Clubs can range as far as Art club to Mathletes and beyond, we have various sports from volley ball to bowling and more, and we also have extracurriculars such as Academic Decathelon and Students for Change.
Overall it isn’t a good school district the teachers are good there and haves always helped me when I needed it, and I like the fact that they give us iPads so that we don’t have to carry as books around
First off the Johnston community is a great place to live! I have had a great experience from Kindergarten to Senior year. Most of my teachers have been a great source of inspiration especially my music teachers. My band and chorus teachers have taught me so much about not only how important it is to be a good student, but to be a good person. I have always felt safe and cared about in my school.
I moved to Johnston schools for my freshman year of high school, from a private grade school. I went from 42 kids in my class to 528. It’s been a big change but I love it. I have seen more diversity at Johnston, as well as met many new people. The energy and positivity in this school district is awesome, and the support from the community is very apparent. Now as a junior, some of my favorite things are Friday night football games, and prom. The only complaint I have is that some students are very disrespectful towards teachers and peers. It’s nothing too bad though.
Johnston has lots of classes to choose from that fits all students needs. And with the new building it makes it more fun to go to school
Johnston schools excel in providing academics, college readiness, afterschool activities, clubs, sports, music and arts, and most of all they provide a safe and healthy learning environment. Both of my childern have excelled.
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The school is well-funded and the facilities are nice and well-equipped. The teachers are mostly very knowledgeable and helpful, but the administration rarely seems to have their priorities straight. More focus is placed on athletics than academics and our admin rarely interacts with students unless it's to get money or promote our school. Don't expect any recognition for your achievements unless you're a varsity athlete.
The school is built for the students, and there are countless resources and opportunities to help students succeed.
The classes are engaging, the teachers are intelligent and charismatic. I had a great 4 Years at JHS!
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