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Johnson County Central Public Schools Reviews

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I moved to this school my senior year, I was able to cheerlead and be apart of an amazing team! The staff was absolutely amazing and very welcoming. The councilor made sure that I felt welcomed and had someone show me around.
When I started to go to Johnson County Central, I was worried about getting bullied, like I was in my last school. After a few weeks in going I noticed that as this school, there’s not a lot of bullying AT ALL. With less stress and an easy feeling, studying for classes was way easier.
Johnson County Central is very diverse. Johnson County Central really needs better food and better bathrooms. Most of the time the toilets do not even flush and the doors do not lock.
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My experience here is average. Some things have changed over the years that I have been going to this school. Some of the changes were good and others not so much. They almost cut the art department which is one of my favorite class and the only class that will help me in what i want to become in my future. Some of the teachers here are strict others not so much. When you get here you will know what you can and can't get away with. you will also know who your friends are and who the back sabers are. we have a lot of drug issues at our school which is why they have banned book bags at our school and we have drug dogs come by a lot and several students caught with drugs on school grounds. That pretty much sums up what my school is like.
I think that Johnson County Central is a good school with good people but I believe that the school needs to be made a little safer. The school needs to lower the number of drugs and other prohibited things being in the school. Other than that I have enjoyed my experience at Johnson County Central so far!
I really liked JCC because they offer a wide variety of classes and they were very interactive. I didnt like about JCC was the facilities. They were very old and not up to date.
Johnson County Central Public Schools is a great place for education. It has a small town feel. Everyone knows everyone and gets along. The sports are pretty good like Cross Country and Track. The education program is great. They are trying to better literacy rates. Which is great for those who struggle in language or reading.
Johnson county central public schools is a place with great vibes. The staff are all friendly and helpful. Most teachers are very good while others have poor methods of teaching. Some teachers are very lenient and don't bother to enforce rules and dont care if students aren't paying attention. In JCC there are too many second chances such as ZAP, Saturday school, and alternative education. Zap is a program for those students who fail to turn their assignments in on time and are told to stay after school to complete them, but they may be exempt by a parent. Saturday school is for those who have missed to many days and have the opportunity to recover time during Saturday. Alternative education is a joke, students do there assignments online, after finishing they are allowed to leave home. Changes such as renovations, better food, and removing -Zap, Saturday school, and alternative education will improve our school tremendously.
My school is a very small school. This means that you more time directly with teachers. This helps with understanding things and make sure you know what your doing and how to it. I like this kind of school and I would say my experience has been good.
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