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At Science Hill, there is a great variety of classes to choose from, with difficulties suited to challenge every student. There is also a multitude of clubs and extracurriculars to choose from for any type of interest. However, the cafeteria food is not the most nutritious and counselors can disappear for days on end without a word’s notice.
Johnson City Schools has provided such a wonderful place for you to be your best. Science Hill has offered me personally challenging classes where I could find potential in myself I never knew existed. I am so thankful for the classes that have pushed me especially their career technical education programs. I am also thankful for the staff at SHHS who have always put their best effort out for students to help them achieve their goals. They will give you extra work, and really push you until you understand. SHHS has given me an amazing high school experience. They provide so much for the students from school supplies to our prom dress closet just so everyone could have a perfect night without a money obstacle. They have provided us with identification badges for our safety to know who is and who is not a student. There are very few things I would change about SHHS; the short list consists of: more covered walkways for raining / snowing situations and more ACT exercises.
In elementary school, my experience with Johnson City Schools was wonderful; however, that was before I had real issues or any control over what I did academically -- middle school was relatively similar. There are some wonderful teachers at Science Hill High School, yet somehow there are almost just as many who are completely under-qualified for their jobs. Administration (for the most part) was completely useless in times of actual, genuine need; 98 percent of what they care about is sports. We had one counselor who actually did her job well, cared about the arts, and loved people for their character as opposed to just judging it off looks or academics. overall my experience with JCSchools was pretty average -- there was some bad, but there was also much good.
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What I like about Johnson City school is it is all about learning in school and out of school. In my years there met a lots of people some were good and some not. The teachers there are good but does not know which type of students they should help. I had a great relationship with the administration especially the principal. The is poor because the menu never change it stays the same sence my first year in school system
Overall my experience in this school system has been positive. I feel I am very prepared for my college classes. I do however wish there were more opportunities to be involved in activities and clubs other than after school. I have worked during my junior and senior year and have been unable to continue being involved. My teachers and counselors have been very supportive and interested in my success.
I recently transferred to East Tennessee State University in Johnson City and I have been very happy with that decision. I came here for the music programs, both the bluegrass and classical and the experiences with both departments have been excellent. The professors are involved and helpful in pushing towards success, and I have definitely grown in my music since transferring here.
GOOD SCHOOL SYSTEM OVER ALL, I feel they push the kids too hard. Gotta have that $$$$$. But it is what it is, I hope to have my child moved to a new school distract soon...........................
I am a tuition student at Johnson City schools and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to attend school at Science Hill. I enjoy the band program along with the wide range of options of classes I can choose to take. The classes are challenging and the teachers are very helpful, and so far I've enjoyed attending Science Hill and other Johnson City Schools.
I had an amazing experience with Johnson City school systems. There main goal is to get there students a step ahead to prepare them for college or the workforce. Science Hill High School is one of the best schools for hands on learning. They have many different programs in the CTE building like auto maniac, cosmetology, child and lifespan development, and wood shop. The academic classes are also wonderful and push students to work at an advance level. I will always be proud to say I completed my education in Johnson City school systems.
The school is mostly focused on profit. They invest heavily in football, so they can make all the money they can, just to keep investing in football. it's a cycle. the actual classrooms could use better books and technology.
My experience has been great, i have made a lot of friends. I work hard in my class and i can get help if i need it.
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