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Johnson City Independent School District Reviews

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This school has many opportunities with little limitations. Everybody gets a chance and no one is left out. The community is within the school and this school is the heart of our community.
I love the size of Johnson City and the community that surrounds the school. However, due to the size there is limited opportunities.
Johnson City is the definition of a small town feel, I love this town and all of the people in it. The school is very open and willing to accept anyone and make them feel at home!
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I has been since 2003 I have attended Johnson City High School. It is a very small school many of the teachers there have been there for years and taught other students parents. It is a small Texas town so culture and diversity is truly lacking. Clubs and activities consist of 4H and FFA. There is not a lot of college readiness involved and students often had to take it upon themselves to inspire for further education. Many of the students that I went to school with never left the small town and are now parents to children in elementary school.
Johnson City is a small town in the hill country where your last name really means everything.Running for class representative and losing to the star athlete that has also been busted with drugs numerous times but dad is on the school board. But, I also had the best four years of my life playing tennis for my amazing coach. We have 18 tennis players no courts and a school that revolves around every other sport. In academics they do offer AP classes and Community College classes that is a great bonus, but out of a class of 70 kids the top 29 kids all have at least a 4.0 which makes it very hard to get into a top college because only the top 7 make up the top 10%. Diversity I one word I would not use to describe Johnson City High School and as for Clubs and
Activities if you are not into sports your only other choices are Band, Theater, Art, or Spanish. I believe they eat better at Federal Prisons than they do at JCISD.
It’s complicated being a small school to have good quality resources. Kids are very narrow minded at a small school because we don’t have a lot of options and opportunities. You don’t have a lot of options for classes or extracurricular activities.
What I liked about Johnson city was that the students were kind and caring. The teacher's actually wanted the students to learn and to see them do good in life. All though their were a few things u didn't like and wish they would changes in the future, like their facial hair rules. Students aren't allowed to have long hair or facial hair. Other then that reason I loved my experience with the school
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