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The facilities have progressed since I graduated there. Some of the teachers don't seem as helpful to assist the children with individual problems with work as others. Not enough college prep especially when it come to scholarship avenues for the children.
I like everything about the school because the teachers are very comprehensive, caring about each student, they help everyone to get involved. There is variety of classes (technology, art, crafts, music, cooking, basic wood, ceramic, etc.) that students can take advantage of. The food is great healthy and delicious. Many activities that motivate students to continuing with their studies and follow the right path. They also try hard to students to graduate. I would like that they change gym classes and bear in mind students opinions about what they want to do because that would get everyone involved into it. There are many things that I like about Johnson City High School that I'm going to miss.
It was a good experience. Lots of diversity. Great teachers. It is a good learning environment with ample resources. I can’t stress enough the diversity in all aspects. Religious, ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, and life style. We all shared equally in the experience.
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JC was a safe school.Although there were fights, if you speak up and tell a faculty member, you will be kept a safe distance away from your harasser and fights were broken up by adults immediately. The school has a great library(the none fiction section especially) with a great selection of books. The teachers are helpful and caring, so just ask!they have been having a "connection day" to help connect peers which is fun and a great way to meet new friends.there no apparent cliques. If only the students from disadvantaged students in the "regular" (non-honors) classes got more help and more opportunities.
I loved JCHS, it really molded me into a great person that is ready to move on to college and life after that. Would 100% recommend to everyone and anyone!
I had an amazing experience at JC. The music program is incredible! They have so many ensembles, clubs and classes for music. They have more opportunities for music students than any other school.

Whether you like writing, soccer, chess, football, art, music or even math- there is a club and group of people who share that interest. They're also open to creating new clubs at the suggestion of the students.

They have just finished an incredible new turf field on campus and also replaced the seating in the auditorium. They are now updating the science wing!

There are college credit level courses and AP courses in math, history and science. They have a lot of honors societies that look great on your college resume, too. The guidance counselors and teachers are a great resource when beginning to look at colleges.

Overall, it is a pretty amazing school.
Overall a great school. Faculty goes to great lengths to help students. They care about student involvement. This school has a high graduation rate. The classes are fair and the grading system is accurate. One problem is common core has negatively affected the learning environment. But that's not entirely the school's fault.
It was over all a good school. A lot of kids from NYC were moving up to the area which made things tough. The academics were good, but nothing really got anyone ready for college. The teachers were great. They helped anyone who needed it.
I loved my time at Johnson City High School. It was the only school district I ever went to and I wouldn't have wanted to get an education from anywhere else. I have made my best friends at Johnson City and I gained an amazing education.
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