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John Glenn School Corporation is one of the best schools in the Northern Indiana areas. My experience, so far, has been very enjoyable and I know that I will apply a lot of what I am learning in my future occupations and life.
John Glenn School Corporation is the school of many opportunities. If you are looking for pride, friendship, a good learning environment, or some great food then this school is for you. John Glenn School Corporation has been one of the best schools that I have been to. I first started going there in 5th grade. Ever since I have felt like it is home for me.
This school corporation is absolutely wonderful. The teachers invest time in individual students to help them do their very best. The administration does a very good job with handling discipline. The faculty is very involved with the students and genuinely cares about their well-being. Teachers and administration alike go out of their way to ensure that the students are learning in a safe and productive environment, both in and outside of school.
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So far, my freshman year here at John Glenn High school has not been too bad. The classes I have are a little bit more challenging than most of the other freshman, so that is a little tough, but the teachers here make you feel welcome, most of the time at least. The administration, on the other hand, has become more welcome in the last couple of years, but it still isn't the greatest. Overall, my experience at John Glenn High school so far hasn't been bad at all.
Glenn is a great academic school! It has a wonderful program for the arts. The Athletics switched to a new conference and some sports are hard to compete with a large school conference. Very close knit group of kids due to a relatively small school.
I liked John Glenn High school They helped their students succeed and rewards them for good grades. The teachers truly enjoy what they do and wish to see the students learn. The overall atmosphere of the school encourages learning.
John Glenn was an awesome school... all the teachers were friendly and helpful. The other students were very friendly, I had special needs that needed to be met, and no one ever made fun of me, like they did at the previous school I came from. I love this school corporation.
I love how the teachers actually care about their students. The teachers at John Glenn HS want all of us to succeed and they will stop at nothing to do that. I would no change a thing about John Glenn HS. It is a wonderful place to attend high school.
My experience with this school has been great. This gives you a lot of choices that you can choose for your future.
John Glenn School Corporation is the ideal place to learn. I have attended a school in the corporation my entire elementary to high school career. The staff is welcoming and very encouraging, and the environment of each school is a "ready to learn" feeling. The teachers and staff work with each student to make sure they have the best chance at learning and understanding what is being taught. It's not just the academics that makes the corporation great, it's the after school activities as well. The school’s are well involved with our small community surrounding us, and the community is supportive. During the fall of every year the corporation even puts together a festival for the community and the students. The profits made from the festival are put towards scholarships for the Seniors of that year to receive. The school corporation is the ideal place you would want your kids to go too, the kids learn but have a fun time doing so.
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