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Jim Thorpe Area School District Reviews

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Jim Thorpe High School was a good place to learn. Most of my teachers taught amazingly and helped me become a better student. They helped me to engage in class and actually learn the material given to me. Their one to one initiative is pretty great. Each student is provided with a laptop which makes learning in class a lot easier.
One thing I want to address is that JTHS is very big on football and it sometimes can seem that's what they care about the most. Don't take that in the way of they don't care for their students because they do. If you're into sports, this is a good school for you. There also isn't a lot of clubs at JTHS and I wish their were more. I felt there wasn't enough variety of clubs.
I enjoyed the flexible study environment and classroom environment, however, the college readiness factor could be improved upon, as well as better communication between administration and students. I very much enjoy the foreign language program.
The academics are decent, but the staff and administration care little for the health of their students, and would rather pour 90% of their funds into their football team.
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Teachers are rude and unprofessional! School is known for bullying and instead of dealing with the problem , they brush it off. Worse school ever.
Jim Thorpe High School offers many AP classes as well as offers college credits for juniors and seniors. Jim Thorpe had many different activities to join in like sports program, music program and other clubs.
I like Jim Thorpe Area Senior High-School because I feel at home. You know mostly everyone in your surrounding areas. You can make friends easily, there is always something to do. You can make your own clubs, connect with other students and teachers and make your experience your own.
I have been a student in the Jim Thorpe Area School District for almost ten years now. My experience in this school district has been nothing but great. I have fun, happy memories that I am able to take with me for the rest of my life. Although there were many happy times in Jim Thorpe, there were some sad times as well. But life is all about balance and Im thankful that I got to and still do attend such an amazing school district.
This school is great, I have learned a lot at this school that was new to me. This school is very diverse and has great teachers. I am very excited to learn more in the coming years.
They are very helpful and very attentive to student needs, only criticism is that they are very experimental, and that isn’t always bad, but it is a lot to handle for both students and teachers, and better planning should be made.
Jim Thorpe Area is very unique educational institution. The staff works to their greatest ability to insure that students are succeeding and they treat all students fairly. With the variety of extracurricular activities at Jim Thorpe, I have never felt that I wouldn't fit in. Throughout my years at Jim Thorpe the teachers have also made it their job to motivate students and give them incentives for their hard work acedemically. I am currently in my senior year at Jim Thorpe are High school and because of the endless support, I feel prepared and ready to take on college. Jim Thorpe Area School District has made my elementary and high school experience very memorable.
Jim Thorpe is a very tight-nit family of students and staff. It is a smaller school, but, that helps to get to know everyone, to understand all walks of life that make their way to this school. The staff are amazing, as they get to know and help students on an education and even a personal level; you will always get help here.
The Jim Thorpe Area School District is a district where there are a decent amount of good things in the schools, but there's also a lot that needs to be changed/fixed. The guidance counselors are one of the best things about this district, hands down.
The school really pushes their students to excel in their academics. The teachers always answer any questions that you have. However, there are some teachers that just teach the material but do not take the time to explain it, which may lead to a lot of confusion and frustration. There are quite a few clubs in the school, but not all get the attention they deserve. The school lacks diversity but is getting more and more multicultural students each year. The food is overall average, but the school tries to include more unique things.
Jim Thorpe Area School District is a fantastic school. We have a wide variety of clubs, sports, and academics. The teachers are amazing and I have loved almost every one of them. There really is nothing I would like to see change, aside from a larger variety of food options. Other than that Jim Thorpe is an amazing school and one of the best in the area. Jim Thorpe recently began block scheduling twice a week which I believe is a great way to get us ready for college, and take a step into the real world. If I had to choose where to go school all over again, I would pick Jim Thorpe!
Had a very average experience while I attended. There weren't a lot of opportunities to do stuff, besides the main sports, and the class options shrank every year.
The atmosphere and staff within the walls of Jim Thorpe Area School District are just constantly thriving with life and happiness. The staff there are always dedicated to the students and fitting their needs while still focusing on the learning as well. From my years of experience within the school its self, I can properly say that, from the staff to the student body, everything is set almost perfectly.
Overall coming to Jim Thorpe would have been great if you could express yourself. It's like a jail with uniforms and the policies are so outrageous. If I could go back to my old high school I would in the blink of an eye.
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I actually enjoyed my experience at my high school. I would love to change how the music and art department get funded. All together the other students were nice. I've never experienced bullying at my school which actually seems like what schools are like today.
The high School life for both my daughters at this school provide an excellent education they were prepared by there 👨‍🏫 teachers for college My one daughter graduated 2014 and will graduate from Slippery Rock University Dec 2018 and my other daughter will graduate from JT in June 2017 and she will start collage in Aug 2017 at IUP for Environmental Science
The like the overall experience. The students and teachers are great and you can learn a lot when you try your best. What I would change is the school uniforms to something a little more laid back to allow us to be more our selves.
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